Water Damage Restoration Services in Atlanta

Water damage can happen as a result of leaking pipes, floods, broken appliances, backups from toilets or tubs, and more. Even a small amount of water in your home can lead to expensive repairs and restorations if not dealt with quickly. It only takes a few hours for mold and mildew to start forming. Larger-scale water damage can lead to structural or electrical problems that can quickly become expensive to repair.

Water may not seem like it can be very damaging to your home. In fact, water can lead to large-scale problems, especially when left untreated or is cleaned improperly.

Water damage can lead to:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Structural damage
  • Recurring or persistent odors
  • Electrical/wiring system problems


To make matters more complicated, water damage doesn’t wait for a good time of day to happen. That’s why Tidal Wave Response offers a 24/7 emergency hotline so we can answer your call any time of day or night. We will arrive at your property within 30 minutes of your call to provide a free, no obligation assessment.

By acting quickly, you can mitigate damage and minimize costs. Your home will be back to normal in no time with our 6-Step Water Damage Response Process.