Water Damage Classification

What Classifies as Water Damage?

Water damage describes many types of losses to a property that are caused by the intrusion of water into a home or building, and the subsequent damage to the materials of the building. Water damage can be a slow and minor process, such as water spots, or fast and major as in the case of a flood.

Damages can include:

  • Floors and carpets
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Building structure such as rust or rot

Water Damage Insurance Claims for Businesses and Homes

The success of a water damage insurance claim is largely dependent on whether or not the water damage insurance policy covers the specific type of damage that has occurred. For example, water damage from a leaking pipe may be covered, but overflow from a running faucet may not be covered due to negligence on the part of the homeowner.

Another factor is the degree of water damage restoration. Most water damage insurance policies cover restoring the affected areas to a state that is comparable to the original state. In some cases, damage caused by bad weather is considered flood damage and normally is not covered under home insurance. Coverage for bad weather usually requires flood insurance.

Tidal Wave quickly stops the problem, thoroughly restores your property, and solves “red tape” hassles from your insurance company.

Our emergency water damage restoration expert arrives within 30 minutes to assess and document the problem. We work directly with your insurance company to ensure maximum coverage. Then, we perform water damage cleanup and removal.

After 3-5 days, our expert meets with the insurance adjuster to conduct a water damage walk-through to identify damages and create a restoration plan. Immediately after the plan is approved, our work crew performs water damage restoration. This process usually takes between 7 – 10 days for most properties.