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Emergency Service

The Tidal Wave Response Smoke Restoration Process

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Smoke damage restoration usually takes place in conjunction with Fire and Water damage restoration.

Our specialists will first inspect your property and determine all the areas affected by smoke damage. From there, we will conduct any fire and water damage repairs in conjunction with smoke damage restoration. Here’s what to expect from the smoke restoration process.

The Tidal Wave Response Smoke Restoration Process:

  1. Air out the property using open windows and industrial fans
  2. Heavy duty vacuum loose soot and ash off all surfaces
  3. Shampoo and wet vacuum carpets
  4. Wash all clothing and textiles
  5. Deep clean all surfaces and electronics
  6. Deodorize the property with a thermal fogger
  7. Clean exterior surfaces of the property

When Tidal Wave Response has completed smoke damage restoration, your home will look and smell like new!

Eager to work on cleaning your home after a fire? Here are some DIY Smoke Cleaning Tips to help you get started.