Our Free, No Obligation Fire and Water Damage Assessment

Fire and water damage never wait for a convenient time to happen, but instead occur when you least expect it.

Don’t wait until regular business hours to call for emergency damage restoration services. Fire, smoke, water, and sewage all cause continuing damage that can lead to increased costs the longer that they are left unrepaired. Tidal Wave Response has a 24-hour hotline for free, no-obligation estimates so you can start the home restoration process as soon as possible.

Within 30 minutes of your call, one of our trained and certified specialists will arrive at your property to provide an assessment of the fire or water damage to your home. You are under no obligation to work with us after our free damage assessment.

3 Reasons You Should Have a Professional Assessment

  1. You need representation to help ensure insurance companies pay the maximum amount for your loss. Insurance companies look for reasons to not cover all or part of your claim. We want the insurance companies to pay just as much as you do, and we take all necessary measures to ensure that the inspection is handled properly.
  2. You might miss or cause a water damage problem that could lead to additional damage. Water is not easy to detect when it gets into subflooring or behind walls. A small oversight on your part can cause extensive damages down the line. For example, water damage may show up in one place and remain a hidden problem in another, such as water or mold behind walls or in other hard to see areas.
  3. Our assessments are free and no obligation. Even if you are a do-it-yourself type of person, let us take a look at the problem. An hour of your time could potentially save you thousands in water damage costs.

The Water Damage Assessment and Inspection Process

Detect the Water Damage and its Source. After taking a look at the visible damages, we use state of the art water and moisture sensing equipment to determine the water damage source and all affected areas. We conduct an extensive physical search for all related problems such as mold growth and odors in the walls, insulation, and other unseen places.

Stop the Source of the Water Damage. The next step is to stop the water source if possible, which could involve turning off the water, shutting down the sewage line, or fixing a pipe. We also determine the “class” of water present.

Water Classifications Include:

  • Clean water: Low contamination
  • Grey water: Medium contamination, such as toilet or dishwasher water
  • Black water: High contamination, such as sewage


Preliminary Inspection Proposal. This preliminary inspection takes 30-90 minutes depending on the scope of the damage. We provide a verbal summary of the issues and what steps may be included in the restoration process, including the insurance approval and financing, the dry out and removal of water, and the reconstruction and recovery of your contents.

If you do choose to work with us, your experience will be hassle-free. We perform all restoration and cleanup work, and work directly with insurance companies and 3rd party adjusters so you don’t have to. All of our services come with a 5-year guarantee that covers workmanship and materials.

When you work with Tidal Wave Response, you can rest easy knowing we will arrive promptly and take care of the situation in accordance with your insurance.