Fire and Water Damage Insurance and Loss Evaluation in Atlanta GA

Tidal Wave Response has over 10 years’ experience in handling fire and water damage insurance claims. During this time, we have developed many great relationships with insurance companies both large and small.

We handle every aspect of dealing with your insurance company, including:

  • Filing the initial claim process
  • Meeting with the claims adjuster to maximize the financing approved
  • Creating a restoration plan within the approved budget
  • Billing the insurance company directly


We are committed to minimizing homeowners’ costs while maximizing insurance coverage. During restoration, we preserve and protect your property and prevent secondary damages to reduce the chances that the insurance company will deny coverage.

Call Us Before Calling Your Insurance Company to Ensure Maximum Financing

Unfortunately, claims adjusters have a bad reputation for deflation of estimates. This means that some insurance companies take steps to reduce the amount of financing you receive for restoration costs.

Tidal Wave Response acts on your behalf to ensure that the insurance company pays the maximum amount for your claim. In many cases, we work with independent adjusters who have the same goal as we do: to maximize your financing for your loss.

We take pictures and videos of damage to the property as evidence to show to the insurance company. We also keep textual documentation as supplemental records. Our expertise allows us to thoroughly justify the locations and extent of fire, water, smoke, or sewage damage for the insurance adjuster. All of these methods provide added protection for you.

If you have standard homeowners or commercial insurance, you are most likely covered. Feel free to call us at (404)-724-3422 if you have any questions.