Water and Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Atlanta, GA

Unforeseen damage to businesses and homes can come in many shapes and forms. Water, sewage, fire, and smoke are some of the most devastating causes.

  • Water Damage can start small, such as from a leaking pipe or faucet, and cause damage over time. In other cases, such as during floods or pipe failure, a lot of damage can happen all at once. Even after visible surface water has been removed from the property, water can seep into unseen spaces and cause damage in the subfloor, behind walls, and in other hard-to-reach places.
  • Sewage Damage is similar to water damage in that it can get into places you cannot easily see or access. Unlike water damage, however, raw sewage is dangerous and can be very toxic for your or your family. Sewage can cause minor to severe sickness if left untreated or cleaned improperly.
  • Fire Damage can be a frightening experience whether in a home or a place of business. Fire can cause structural damage that may require significant repairs to address structural problems in some cases. On top of that, fire damage can also cause water damage from firefighting efforts, sprinkler systems, or other fire suppression systems which can lead to additional damages to the property.
  • Smoke Damage may not be as immediately damaging as fire or water. However, smoke is naturally acidic and hard to clean, which means that it can cause damage over time until properly removed. Smoke damage can also cause recurring odors if the initial damage is not cleaned properly.


Tidal Wave Response is your fire and water damage cleanup and restoration specialist in Atlanta, GA. We service all of the metro Atlanta area and suburbs, including Alpharetta, Marietta, Buckhead, and Sandy Springs. We provide emergency response services for free, no obligation estimates 24/7.

We use specialized equipment and certified technicians to perform all restoration and cleanup services ourselves. We are committed to cleaning and restoring your property the right way the first time. That’s why all of our work is backed by a 5-year guarantee.