Wood Floor Water Damage Restoration And Repair

Wood floors are an attractive flooring option for all types of homes. They may require a little more maintenance than a linoleum floor, but if given the right attention and care, they will last for many years!

Water is one of the most damaging substances to any wood floor. It doesn’t take a storm flood to ruin your wood floor; slow plumbing leaks, spills, and overflowing appliances can all be culprits too! When your wood floor has experienced water damage, it’s time to look at restoration and repair options.

Can Water Damaged Wood Floors be Restored?

Wood Floor Water Damage - Tidal Wave ResponseWood is a tricky material when it comes to water damage. Enough water leaking through wood can loosen glue and nails, soak the subfloor, and even cause warping or buckling. There is also the possibility of mold or mildew being trapped below the surface and spreading through your home!

Much of the time, water damaged wood floors will need to be replaced. A professional service like Tidal Wave Response will handle everything from drying out the affected area, pulling up wood flooring and any damaged subflooring, and replacing the ruined flooring.

That said, wood flooring can sometimes be restored. This process can be slow since everything has to be absolutely dry before sanding and refinishing the wood. Depending on the extent of the water damage and the humidity in your home, the drying process alone can last anywhere from a week to a month!

Responding to Wood Floor Water Damage

The first and most important thing to remember with any water damage  – whether your roof is leaking, your basement is flooding, or your toilet has overflowed – is that your reaction time can make a huge difference! The faster you respond to a leak and take steps to mitigate the damage, the less harm that water can do.

Wood flooring can be on any floor of a home, from basements to lofts. Whether you need to turn on a sump pump in a basement, move your belongings to dry ground, put down towels to help absorb moisture, or shut off your main water supply, everything you do to remove standing water from your wood flooring will help!

Repairing and Restoring Water Damaged Wood Floors

Wood Floor Water Damage - Tidal Wave ResponseIf you have the right equipment and know how, you may be able to restore your water damaged wood floors yourself without pulling up any boards. However, every situation differs, and any warping or cupping in the boards may require help from a hardwood floor installer.

Another option is to repair your water damaged wood floors. This process is fairly similar to the restoration process. The main difference is that the damaged boards are removed, the area below dried or replaced, and then new boards put into place.

Repairs to water damaged wood floors are especially helpful for leaks which have affected a certain part of the floor. Since you aren’t waiting on existing flooring to dry, this process may be slightly faster than restoration.

What You Can Expect From Restoration and Repairs

Regardless of whether you try to repair the damage yourself or have a professional service take care of the damage, the process will be very similar.

  1. The standing water is removed.
  2. The floor will then be cleaned with mold and mildew killing substances.
  3. If you are choosing to restore your floors, the wood will then be dried. This can be done using industrial-strength fans and dehumidifiers.
  4. If you choose to repair your floors, boards will be removed if necessary, and the sub-floor dried or replaced. New boards will be installed once the sub-floor is clean and dried.
  5. The drying process can take anywhere from a week to a month, depending on the extent of the water damage.
  6. After the wood is completely dried and re-leveled if needed, the sanding and refinishing process can begin.

Only you know your situation best! Wood floors can be restored, but it is a process which requires patience and thorough attention to detail.

Tidal Wave Response

If your wood floor has suffered water damage, call Tidal Wave Response and let the professionals handle the restoration or repairs! We work with insurance companies to ensure that as much damage as possible is covered. We also handle all aspects of the drying, removing, and restoration process. This means that you can rest easy; your wood floors will be restored back to their original condition both quickly and efficiently!


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