Why You May Need An Emergency Restoration Company Atlanta

An Emergency Restoration Company Atlanta provides restorative and clean up services for your business, home, or personal property. These services are rendered by emergency restoration experts after a calamity such as a fire, flood, storm, or bio-hazard damage.

Emergency restoration personnel are on call around the clock and have experience working in conjunction with insurance providers. Quite often, your Emergency Restoration Company Atlanta will transport your personal property to a secure and temperature controlled storage facility in order to safeguard it from further damage and to restore it, when practicable. In some instances, even art work can be restored.

When your property experiences a flood or fire, you will require professional help in restoring it, and reducing the amount of further damage that occurs, and minimizing your losses. An Emergency Restoration Service can assist you with both water and fire damage.  Emergency Restoration will encompass many activities from board-up and tarping services to mold remediation, and much more.

A good Emergency Restoration Company Atlanta will reduce further water damage from occurring and restore your property to its condition prior to the unfortunate incident. In addition, they can perform these emergency services in a manner that will minimize your household disruption.

We will provide you with some suggestions for emergency restoration that you can do yourself right after a disaster has occurred, provided the structure is safe enough for you to work in. These immediate actions can help to minimize the damage to your structure and its contents and insure that you are safe.

Water Damage Due To Flooding

The first thing you need to do is to move pets and people to a clean, dry, environment. Do not use any food items that have had water exposure. In addition, do not use any electronic devices that have had water exposure until they have been examined. When possible, you should wipe water from the surface of all wood structures, but don’t wash the surface of the wood. If the weather is warm, it’s a good idea to turn on the air conditioning in order to help with the process of drying. If the weather is cold you can alternate between turning on the heat, and opening the windows to increase the drying rate.
It is best to leave water spills to the professionals to clean up and do the structural drying since they have the proper equipment to do so, in order to avoid the growth of mildew and mold, which would increase your damages.

Storm And Wind Damage

Insure that everyone is removed from the damaged property including pets. If damage has occurred to the roof, it is best to cover it with a thick plastic or tarpaulin as long as it is structurally sound enough for you to do so safely. All broken windows should be boarded up. If the structurally integrity of the structure is in question, it is best to wait until professional help arrives.

If the safety of taking any of the above actions seems questionable it is best to await the arrival of an Emergency Restoration Company Atlanta.

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