What To Ask When Hiring A Water Damage Specialist Atlanta Area

If you live in Atlanta, then you know that water damage can be a common occurrence. Whether you have just made it through a storm or have had your water heater break in your basement, at some point you made need the best water damage specialist Atlanta can offer you. But how do you make sure you are hiring the best? What should you look for, and how should you decide the best course of action? If you are taking this on for the first time, or any time, you should consider asking your potential water damage specialist Atlanta area the following questions.

What Are Your Current Rates?

Money will more than likely be a part of your bottom line. After all, very few people can plan ahead for needing water damage repair. If you are looking for the cheapest specialist, then this will be the most important question that you can ask. Even if you don’t necessarily want the cheapest, you still want to ask this. The specialists in Atlanta all have slightly different rates and pay levels. Some will charge by the work hour (and then you should ask the next question,) and others will charge by the exact job needed. Building a project budget is something that you must do.

How Long Will It Take For You To Fix?

If they charge by the hour, then you definitely want to ask this. Even if they don’t charge by the hour, it doesn’t hurt to ask this anyway, especially if you have small children or pets. You are essentially inviting a stranger into your home. Yes, you need your water damage fixed as soon as possible for your own safety and the integrity of your house, but you also need to take into consideration who will be interacting with your specialist. The longer they’re around, the more your family will interact with them.

Will I Need Any Extra Work?

Your damage may be so extensive you need to have entire appliances replaced, or even walls and floorboards. It’s important to know what you might be facing right away, so you’re not shocked by it later. Of course, sometimes your specialist won’t know until they get into it, but if they have the experience, they may be able to eyeball it.

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

Experience is an important factor to consider as well. The more experience your specialist has, the more they may charge but they will also probably get it done quicker and in a more professional manner. If you feel that you have a large project on your hands, then you may want someone with a lot of experience to work on your home or business.

And How Long In The Atlanta Area?

Atlanta has its own dangers when it comes to water damage. Certain molds, wildlife attracted to water damage, and even the common woods and stones used in the buildings here can each present a unique challenge to any water damage specialist. Your potential specialist can have all the experience in the world, but if they’re not used to working in Atlanta, they may take longer on your project and cost you more money.

The best water damage specialist Atlanta has is greatly dependent on your needs and wants. By asking the questions above, you will be able to make the best decision possible when it comes to your home or business.

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