Water Extraction Services Atlanta: Why Should You Use an Expert?

When many people think about water, the image that comes to the mind is one of serenity and peace. All they think about is the positive side of water, until disaster strikes. Disaster in this case can be anything from a burst water pipe to floods wrecking havoc in the home in Atlanta. Whatever the case, immediate remediation is needed.

Water is a medium that cannot be contained easily. It will flow into wall paneling, under the carpet, seep into the electrical wiring, and other spaces. At the end of it all, the water has seeped into the walls, flooring, and ceilings. The damage that follows will quickly wipe out the lovely image you had on your mind initially. This is when you need to contact a water extraction service Atlanta.

What should be Your Next Step?

Well, if it was just a spill on the floor, you could grab a rug and wipe it off in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, this is a totally different situation that needs a somewhat advanced solution. In such a case, there is only one thing you need to do – pick up your phone and call in a professional company that offers water extraction service Atlanta. This company specializes in removing water after an incident such as a water leak or a flood. The company uses trained personnel and advanced equipment to make sure your home is back to its original state.

What Does an Extraction Company do for you?

There are various services an extraction company performs to rid your home of water and moisture that has built up after the incident. These services include:

Quick Scenario Assessment

The water extraction experts in Atlanta arrive as quickly as possible to find out what needs to be done. The whole area is assessed and a plan of action developed. The necessary equipment is then assembled to handle the task as fast as possible.

One of the most important steps is determining the extent the water has traveled in the house. To do this, a moisture meter is used as well as the naked eye. The moisture meter provides an accurate measure of moisture in materials in your house. The meter is used at the beginning of the job to identify areas with moisture and at the end to determine if all the water has been extracted. This procedure is repeated in all rooms of the house so that no material is left untouched.

Extraction of Water from Household Items

The water extraction service Atlanta specialist next removes any property from the house. The affected property is taken for cleaning, sterilization, and drying to make them ready for reuse. The items that haven’t been affected by the water are taken to a dry place for storage. Most importantly, removal of items creates space for handling the water extraction from the property quickly and efficiently.

Water Extraction from the House

Depending on the level of water damage, the specialist uses a number of equipment to rid your home of the water. If for instance your basement is full of water, heavy-duty water pumps are used to extract the water. As the water reduces, smaller vacuum pumps are used to clear any remaining water. This process is done meticulously so that every drop of water is taken care of.

Avoiding Mold and Other Contaminants

The ability of water allows it to seep into tight spaces such as floorboards and ceilings. The extraction specialist uses a number of equipment to dry up the water that is in the walls and other spaces. The specialist does this quickly to avoid growth of mold and any other contaminant that takes advantage of moisture or wet surfaces to grow. All this time, the specialist uses the moisture meter to make sure there is no trace of it after the restoration.

Safety of Your Property

Only a skilled water extraction service Atlanta can handle the procedure without damaging your property. Some of the equipment are huge and bulky and are only safe in a skilled pair of hands. You wouldn’t want to spend more cash on repairs after an extraction job, would you? Well, this is why you need a professional to handle the task.

The Company You Work with Matters a Lot

A water extraction job is not an easy task. The complexity of the whole process needs a water extraction service Atlanta that uses skilled workers and has the right tools. This will assure you that your home will be dry in a short time. In case you need water extraction services, Tidal Wave Response is the company you need, anytime. Moreover, if you have never experienced water damage before, keep the number at hand, because you don’t know what tomorrow brings.

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