Water Emergencies: What Steps To Follow If the Water Smells Bad

When household water smells bad, the unpleasant odors can not only be offensive but also bothersome to deal with. In many cases, the exact trigger for the odor can be detected through the process of elimination. For instance, if water coming from the sink emits a bad odor, try filling a glass with water and moving it away from the sink. If the glass is free from any smell, then the problem may either be a problem with the sink drain or the water supply.

Here is what to do when water smells bad.

When Water Smells Like Eggs

If household hot water smells like rotten eggs, the cause may be in the water heater. However, if cold water smells like rotten eggs as well, then there is a possibility of water contamination with hydrogen sulfide. In such instances, it is very likely that the supplying well water smells like eggs as well.

To rectify this issue, first locate the source of the problem. Once detected, activated carbon filters can be used to regulate hydrogen sulfide levels but these need to be replaced periodically for effective filtering.

When Hot Water Smells Like Sulfur

water smells badWater that is sourced from a well can often have a nasty smell accompanying it. In cases where there is a sulfur-like smell emanating from the water, it can be easily attributed to the presence of sulfur bacteria. The bacteria produce hydrogen sulfide by breaking down organic material effusing the smell.

When water smells like sulfur in one faucet only, particularly the hot faucet, then the water heater may be to blame. This is because the heater has an internal magnesium rod which reacts with the aluminum in the water heater. Together the two produce hydrogen sulfide gas which yields a stronger sulfur scent when hot water is turned on.

Since the smell occurs as a result of reactions happening in the hot water heater, it can be corrected by checking for proper ventilation so that the gas which builds up has a way of escaping effectively.

When Hot Water Smells Musty

Another issue you may encounter is musty smelling water. This is usually caused by decaying organic matter or from sediment leaching into the plumbing system. While water that is slightly musty is safe to use, a quick solution is to use a quality water dispenser with a filtration system.

Filtration helps eliminate any metallic particles that may have intruded into the water supply and is also effective in reducing the sedimentary content and sulfur bacteria in the water.

When Hot Water Smells Like Gas

water smells badGasoline or other oily smells are typically indicative of a gas or oil leak that may have seeped into the water supply. This can happen from storage tank leaks, dumping or even improper disposal. If the smell is similar to cooking gas, then the probable cause may be some kind of mineral salts.

Even though such odor problems are rare, they can be potentially serious. It is important to stop drinking such water immediately since it could cause health concerns.

If your water smells like gas, stop using the water. Then, locate and treat the source of seepage. Use bottled water until the matter can be properly treated by a professional.

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