Water Damage Restoration Cost In The Atlanta Area

When water is leaking into your home and water damage is unavoidable, your first thought will be to rescue your valuables. Once you’ve saved what you can, and are waiting for the professionals to stop the water from flowing, it’s time to think about the repair costs.

Water damage restoration costs are not set in stone, but vary depending on the location and extent of the damage.

Water Damage Restoration Cost

Water Damage Restoration Companies Atlanta - Tidal Wave ResponseIn the Atlanta area, costs to repair water damage tend to range from $1,000 – $5,000, but can be more.

This price can vary widely depending on the area affected and the extent of the water damage. A garage with a leaking pipe in the outside wall will likely be less costly than a basement flood which destroys a home theater system.

The type of water damage can also affect the price. A leak involving clean tap or potable water does not necessarily pose a health threat. A leak involving sewage or waste water, which is hazardous to health, will require specialized and more intensive cleaning methods in order to make the area safe again.

Putting off proper cleaning and drying methods can also be costly in the long run. If not dried properly, moisture can become trapped behind walls, under carpets, or in air ducts. In the long term, this causes mildew and mold growth, and can even weaken the structural integrity of the home.

Areas Commonly Affected By Water Damage

While water damage can happen just about anywhere in your home, here are the most common areas affected by water damage.

Rooftops – Roofs keep us warm and dry every day of the year, but it’s not always easy to tell if there is damage which could lead to a leak. Regular maintenance, as well as inspections after hail or heavy storms, can help prevent your roof from leaking.

Toilets – Toilet leaks can happen for many reasons. Corrosion can erode the interior piping and cause a slow leak, or the seal at the bottom of the toilet may give way. The tank or bowl can crack and start leaking, and the fill valve may give way. Keep an eye on your toilet if you notice water gathering around the base, as this may be the start of a much larger problem.

Burst Pipes – Burst pipes can happen anywhere in your home. Old piping can give way, or tree roots can break a pipe. Frozen water in winter can also rupture pipelines.

Washing Machine Failures – When hoses break while in the middle of a wash cycle, a huge amount of water can pour into your laundry room. This is inconvenient no matter which floor your machine is on, but especially problematic when on an upper story, since water will head downwards. Check your washing machine’s hoses and connections regularly to make sure there are no weak spots or holes.

Basement Floods – Burst pipes, heavy rain, and sewage backup can all lead to a flooded basement. Installing a sump pump can help reduce any water damage to your property in the event of a flood. Regularly check to make sure drains are clear and pipes are in good condition.

Water Damage Prevention

Sewage Cleanup Atlanta - Tidal Wave ResponseWhile accidents do happen – such as frozen pipes bursting, or a fallen tree branch dislodging roof tiles, or floods from heavy storms – prevention is the best way to avoid water damage.

  • Raise basement appliances above ground level to keep them safe in the event of a flood
  • Don’t pour grease or oil down your sinks, as these can clog and cause backups in the system
  • Install waterproof sealants around ground-floor doors and windows
  • Take proper precautions during cold weather to protect your pipes
  • Maintain gutters and downspouts on your roof
  • Install a sump pump if you have a basement, so you can quickly clear out water in the event of a flood
  • Install backflow valves at every basement drain to prevent backflow of sewer water

Tidal Wave Response and You

If you’ve had recent water damage and are looking for a cleanup and restoration expert, then call Tidal Wave Response!

We work directly with your insurance company, and handle every aspect from the initial claim to the final billing. In order to make your experience as stress-free and smooth as possible, we work with independent adjusters to maximize the financing for repairs and restoration!

From the moment we arrive at your property, we take photos and/or video of the damage and problem source to have a solid portfolio of documentation for the insurance company. This, coupled with our experience and knowledge of water damage and restoration, ensures that we can comprehensively represent you and the water damage to the insurance adjuster, and maximize your claim amount.

If you have standard Homeowner’s or Commercial insurance, you are most likely covered. Give us a call at 404-724-3422 if you aren’t sure. We’re ready to help you repair and restore the water damage in your home.

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