Toilet Overflow Atlanta Specialists Are Able To Unclog The Toughest Toilet Clogs

Many different things can cause a toilet to overflow; namely, things that shouldn’t be put down the toilet are a root cause. Although, plumbing line issues can also cause a toilet to become clogged and overflow. Often, people might not notice a clog, flush the toilet once more, and then they end up with a toilet overflow that can cause more damage to the bathroom. When a toilet overflows, the waste waster can seep down underneath the toilet base and into the floorboards where it will effectively encourage the growth of mold.

All of this can be avoided by consulting with plumbing specialists to help determine the root cause of the toilet overflow to begin with. Once the cause has been found, it can then be repaired so that the toilet is able to flush normally once again. As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons a toilet can become clogged is due to a build-up of waste material including a large quantity of toilet paper, paper towels, baby wipes, contraceptives, floss, or other materials that arenít supposed to be flushed down the toilet drain.

To touch more on the plumbing lines issue that can cause a toilet overflow to occur, this happens due to a range of plumbing line problems. The first issue that can cause a toilet clog are toilet drain lines which are defying nature, or are improperly connected to the point a leak has happened. Toilet drain lines are connected to a main drain line of the home, and then the homeís main water line is connected to either a private water system or a municipal wastewater line. Whichever connection is made, the drain lines leading away from the toilet line should be going with the flow of gravity, without any angles or steep inclines in the plumbing line; if there are deep inclines and declines in the plumbing line, this can cause material to accumulate in the lower section of the line which will cause a clog.

Secondly, another common cause are tree root systems; many times people don’t realize the true nature of a tree’s root system. The roots extend far beyond the edges of the tree’s canopy; in fact, the roots can extend up to as much as 20 feet away. Because of the nature of root systems, they can actually grow into plumbing lines and through them. When the roots crack the plumbing line, theyíll actually invade the pipeline and start growing along the lengths of the line absorbing the moisture. If a homeowner suffers from a tree root infestation of this nature, their drain line plumbing system will have to be completely reworked and re-installed. Furthermore, the tree root system will also need to be managed.

However, for clogs that can be remedied, toilet overflow Atlanta specialists are able to make use of a mini video camera that can be routed down into the drain line. This mini video camera will display in real time on a video monitor what is causing the obstruction in the toilet drain line. Once discovered, the toilet overflow Atlanta specialists may then use their knowledge and tools to remedy the toilet clog. If the clog is plumbing-line related, the proper plumbing line associates might need to be contracted to repair the physical water lines. Although, in the event there is a clog that can be remedied, the toilet overflow Atlanta technicians may utilize a snake drain cleaner tool to thoroughly clean the toilet drain lines up to ten feet away; however, in some cases, a snake drain cleaner may need to be extended up to 20 feet away, where the homeowner’s drain line meets with the sewer line.

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