The Benefits of Gutters

Rainwater is a natural element with the potential to inflict severe damage to property when not regulated by properly installed gutters. But installation is not the only concern here. In fact, gutter maintenance is equally important to serve functionality and purpose.   

The Benefits of Gutters

Before talking about the benefits that gutters can offer to any property, it is important to know that The Benefits of Gutters - Tidal Wave Responsegutters are critical to effective water management on the premises. They are designed to prevent backsplash, erosion, washouts and flooded basements. And when installed correctly, they can also go a long way in improving the curb appeal of the home.

Contemporary building laws require gutters to be an integral part of the main construction. This is important as gutters can offer the following benefits:

Prevent Basement Flooding

Water that accumulates on the roof will eventually find its way into the home and start to cause long term damage. On its way down, it can collect on the foundation, seeping into the basement walls and creating a damp atmosphere. This environment can naturally lead to mold and mildew growth while standing water in the basement can bring about permanent damage to the property.

All this and much more can be prevented by installing well fitted gutters. A properly designed and maintained gutter system can carry the water far from the foundation minimising the chance of basement flooding.  

Prevent Water Staining

Water dripping from the eaves of the roof will hit the ground creating a backsplash that can stain the home. In times of heavy rain, water that falls down the outer walls of the structure can cause damage not only to the siding but also stain brick and stone masonry.  

Such runaway rainwater can be diverted with installing properly fitted gutters. Well fitted gutters work by channeling this rainwater away from the premises.

Preserve Home Exterior

The Benefits of Gutters - Tidal Wave ResponseInstalling gutters that deflect water flow from exterior doors and windows can also help preserve the longevity of these external features of a home. High rain flow not only causes staining and streaking but can also permeate in any minor opening in the homes’ exterior, making doors and windows more susceptible to rot. Having rain gutters in place will minimize this threat.

In addition other features like fascia boards and soffits will also be protected from rotting.

Avoid Foundation Problems

Ideally, dirt should be higher at the foundation of the home and slope away from the house gradually. This will prevent water collecting near the home’s foundation.

With gutter systems that are installed properly, the downspouts should also be secured properly to the homes’ exterior. Care needs to be taken when placing downspouts as they should not terminate close to the foundation. A complete gutter system that does not dump all the water from the roof at the side of the foundation will be more effective in avoiding any foundational problems.

Rain gutters can help by protecting the home’s foundation by reducing the amount of water entering the soil that surrounds it. This limits the soil’s capacity to expand and contract repeatedly thus yielding a more steadfast base for the home.

Seamless gutters

Newer construction now has the option to consider a seamless gutter system. This option allows the gutter system to be created out of one single piece of aluminum that can be molded to length and installed as one single piece. Installing this type of a gutter system yields more benefits than its sectionals counterpart as it eliminates the possibility of leaks.

Even the most well-constructed seams using sufficient sealant will start to wear off over time permitting water to escape the gutter system. However, with a seamless system that chance is minimized and it will also have a more uniform look than sectional pieces.

If a gutter system on the property seems to be malfunctioning or causing damage to the foundation, it becomes important to get it corrected immediately. To acquire the expertise of professional water damage contractors in Atlanta, call us at Tidal Wave Response to inspect your property’s gutter situation and find the perfect solution to correct it.

At Tidal Wave Response our experts can quickly evaluate the damage and provide solutions that will protect your property from the current crises as well as prevent future emergencies.


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