Not All Water Damage Is Covered by Your Insurance

Homeowners’ insurance in Alpharetta GAIt’s the hope of every homeowner that, when tragedy strikes their home, they’ll have the cushion of a great insurance plan to help them get through whatever roof leakage or floodwaters may assail them. Water damage is a real threat to your home, but some water damage cleanup isn’t covered by standard homeowners’ insurance. Let’s check out what is and what isn’t.

Pipe Problems

Homeowners’ insurance will more often than not cover the cost of damage caused to your home from the water that spreads from a burst pipe. However, this doesn’t typically include the repair costs for the pipes themselves. It’s a kind of odd two-edged sword.


The presence of mold in your home means there’s an unwanted presence of water and moisture in your home, too. Whether or not the mold in your home is covered under your insurance often depends on where it comes from. For instance, if it’s from a burst water pipe, you can file a claim and get some compensation from your insurance. The caveat may be whether or not the pipes broke in the first place as a result of your negligence. If you were at fault, your insurance may not cover the mold issue in your home, either.

Flood in Alpharetta GA

Sewer Issues

Traditional homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover any kind of sewer backup issues or damage. This concern can really take your household by surprise and rack up a hefty bill. It’s best to seek out additional coverage beyond just basic homeowners’ insurance to make sure that you’re covered.


Oftentimes, flooding from a strong storm like a hurricane or other natural disaster isn’t covered under your basic homeowners’ insurance. This is especially true when two types of damage from a natural disaster occur. Let’s say you live in a hurricane-prone area and your home gets hit. You wouldn’t be able to get damage coverage for your home for both wind and water damage, only wind damage.

Some packages won’t have any kind of natural disaster coverage for flooding at all, so if your area is prone to flooding, you’ll want to make sure that you get extra coverage just in case your home gets hit by a particular doozy.

When it comes to getting the proper insurance coverage for your home, there are a lot of fine print details you’ll want to discuss with your insurance company. Water damage cleanup can be nerve-wracking and expensive, but being proactive about your insurance coverage can help make a scary situation easier to navigate.

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