The Need for a Water Mitigation Insurance Atlanta Policy

Not everyone has flood insurance coverage on their home to cover the event of a natural water damage catastrophe including rising water. Fortunately, most homeowners insurance policies cover flood damage caused by water that falls from the sky, or appears from a broken water pipe, or a backed up sewage line. This is important because most water damage in the home requires the extensive professional remediation that can be paid through their water mitigation insurance Atlanta policy.

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As an example, if a rainstorm fells a tree creating a hole in the roof and rainwater enters and damages the floor and ceilings, it is likely covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy. However, without proper flood insurance, heavy rainstorms causing the creek or river to overflow and into the home might not be covered.

After any substantial catastrophic event, usually the first step involves the protection of all the damaged contents. The water damage restoration team usually arrives quickly to prevent any additional damage caused by additional water penetration by boarding up and covering the damaged area with tarps, or finding the source of the water supply.

Estimating the Damage

Usually, the team will develop an effective plan for total restoration of the damaged area to restore it to its prior condition. They usually work hand-in-hand with the claims adjuster to ensure that all restoration is covered by the water mitigation insurance Atlanta policy. This minimizes any out-of-pocket expenses by the homeowner.

The Restoration Process

To ensure there is no secondary water damage to the affected area, the cleanup process must begin immediately. A quick response is essential to protect property and eliminate any health concern by the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, fungus and other harmful environmental contaminants.

The skilled technicians use high-powered fans, the latest advanced cleaning equipment and dehumidifiers to restore the residents back to its normal condition in the quickest time possible. In fact, the team ensures that all remaining contents are properly restored and cleaned professionally, or are detailed in the water mitigation insurance Atlanta policy claim for financial compensation.

Repair and Rebuilding

In the event that any significant problems including hardwood floors, roofing materials, interior walls, foundation or the entire structure, the water damage restoration company can make it new again. This is because the water damage restoration team offers services that include roofing, carpentry, drywall, flooring, masonry and other essential traits required to complete the entire job.

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The Average Insurance Claim

Typically, a flood restoration claim averages approximately $30,000, if the emergency responders can arrive quickly on the scene and avoid secondary water damage. This is because most finished floors, including carpeting and hardwood flooring material, can average up to $15,000-$18,000 per household, and windows, base trim and doors costing nearly $2500 or more to restore. The cleaning process often includes extensive restoration of all components and can total $2000 or more. Appliances damaged by water can run in the hundreds of dollars for each item including washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves and HVAC units. This is why it is essential to have flood insurance coverage on the home.

Insurance Claims Assistance

One of the more challenging aspects of dealing directly with water damage restoration involves the insurance claims adjuster. Tidal Wave will work directly with the adjuster to ensure that the homeowner receives compensation through their water mitigation insurance Atlanta policy.

Any homeowner that has experience any kind of catastrophic event should call for a free estimate to achieve water damage restoration quickly. Every item and building material is restored professionally through proven techniques to minimize water damage in the growth of mold or mildew.

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