Home Water Damage Removal in Atlanta

A busted pipe can cause havoc on your home and belongings. Even though it happens when we least expect it, how you react to the situation is what matters. You can minimize the damage by seeking immediate water removal services. Whenever such a thing happens, you need expert help in the shortest time possible. Tidal Wave Response has trained technicians who are on call 24 hours a day. They will arrive at your home with powerful, state-of-the-art machinery that will extract water.

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Tidal Wave Response has certified restoration experts who are adequately trained to deal with water removal emergencies. They will offer you crucial advice on how you can minimize the water damage until their crew arrives. A technician is usually at your home within 30 minutes or less to assess the water damage.

Minimizing the damage

  • You should first create a dry out plan. This will help you to save some of your items and reduce the chances of rust and mold.
  • Even though Atlanta is a relatively humid environment, in case of a pipe bust, you should try and promote a natural flow of air. This means that if the humidity levels are low, you should open doors and windows to enhance the circulation of air. In addition, you should also open any cabinets or drawers if they happen to be wet or soaked.
  • You can purchase a portable dehumidifier to help reduce humidity and water vapor levels. This will prevent any mold or mildew growth.
  • In case the water damage results in standing water, a sump pump will safely extract the water out of your home. The pump works in the same way as a pipe or hose.
  • You should take any soaked items such as rugs or furniture into the sun so that they can immediately begin to dry. In order to promote better evaporation of water, you should also remove sheet vinyl or linoleum.
  • You can use materials such as calcium oxide, silica gel and clay to absorb moisture. This process will most likely take days or weeks. The good thing is that you would have started reducing the levels of moisture in your carpet and other items.


These are just some of the initial steps that you should take to prevent any permanent water damage.

Letting the professionals get the water out

Using a well-thought out plan, Tidal Wave Response will bring water extraction equipment into your home to physically remove any stagnant water. The expert technicians will extract water from your carpet, padding and upholstery. If need be, these items might be removed for proper drying.

Tidal Wave Response experts rely on their mastery of psychometrics. This is the study of air, temperature, vapor pressure, humidity and dew point. They use this knowledge to evaluate various conditions and create a drying atmosphere that is not only effective but also thorough.

Tidal Wave Response will use professional grade drying and dehumidifying equipment to dry out the affected areas. Such equipment will help to return the humidity levels in your home back to normal. In addition, more advanced equipment might be used to identify any hidden pockets of water.

In cases whereby heavy-duty water removal services are required, Tidal Wave Response uses the Hydro X Extreme Extractor. This particular type of machinery can remove huge amounts of water with just three passes. The water claw is a manual extraction tool which is quite handy. It has the ability to fit into tight spaces like bathrooms and closets. In addition, it has light wands that help to reduce water accumulation in both carpets and flooring.

With the proper extraction and drying techniques, Tidal Wave Response experts will be able to minimize the chances of secondary damage and microbial growth. All these will be done at an affordable price.

Trust the experts

Tidal Wave Responsive has qualified and highly experienced water removal experts who are capable of dealing with a variety of situations. They are well trained and adequately prepared for any sort of emergency that you may have. In addition, they are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment. Before any of your carpets or furniture gets ruined forever, try and let the professionals help you out. Tidal Wave Response will enact a specialized plan that will focus on the problematic areas in your home. They will ensure that any water, moisture or vapor is removed.

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