Hiring a Water Mitigation Companies Atlanta Specialist

When the torrential downpour finally stopped, and the water subsides, many households realize that their home has suffered severe damage. To make matters worse, the water might be contaminated with animal droppings, decaying insects, bacteria, fluids and oils from the roadways along with pesticides and fertilizers washed in from the neighboring yards. When this happens, it is essential to hire a water mitigation companies Atlanta specialist to ensure the home is restored professionally.

Evaluating the Problems

Generally, a water mitigation companies Atlanta specialist will offer 24-hour emergency services. This is to ensure that they arrive at the home within a few hours after the flooding has occurred. Their quick arrival can have them begin the process of cleaning up to avoid the potential growth of harmful contaminants including bacteria, fungus, mildew and mold.

Their first steps into the home will be taken cautiously when looking to evaluate the problem. This is because the flooded water may be compromising the electrical system, creating a potential for electrocution. In addition, there may be broken glass, exposed nails, or other sharp hazardous items that are impossible to see beneath the murky water. Often times, reptiles and small animals take shelter inside the home to get out of the flooded waters outside.

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Wearing Proper Gear

The skilled professional understands the importance of wearing proper gear when inspecting, evaluating and restoring the home to its pre-flood condition. This includes wearing a professional organic vapor respirator, eye protection, rubber gloves, and protective clothing. The professional will ensure that the areas ventilated properly by opening windows and using fans. They will perform their duties away from the fan to minimize any potential cross contamination.

Evaluating Items

The skilled water mitigation companies Atlanta specialist will begin to develop a plan of exactly what items and building materials can stay in the home, and what will need to be discarded. This usually includes throwing away porous items that easily absorb the contaminated water. In addition, items constructed out of particleboard, box springs, pillows, mattresses, carpeting, carpet pad, drywall, paper goods and other organic items will likely be discarded if they become wet. Some household fabrics and wet clothing might be salvageable if properly cleaned and dried to remove stains and contamination.

Locating Saturated Areas

Flooding often brings with it unseen saturated areas in the home. These pockets of saturation can exist behind walls, inside insulation, under flooring materials and in furniture. Usually, everything located below the noticeable flood line on the wall will need to be discarded as part of the restoration process.

Clean, Sanitize and Dry

Before the process of cleaning the area, sanitizing items, and drying the home completely, all expose durable materials (joists & studs) and wall cavities will need to be thoroughly cleaned using detergent solutions and a pressure washer. Only then, can there be a liberal application of disinfectant solutions

Preventing Mold

The appearance of mold usually does not make itself obvious until a few days after flooding has subsided. However, mold and other harmful contaminants thrive in Atlanta’s moist environment, especially when harboring on organic material. Part of the duties performed by experienced a water mitigation companies Atlanta specialist is to perform mold remediation using the latest advancements in technology, chemicals and equipment.

Once the specialist has thoroughly dried out the area, rebuilding can begin. This will prevent any future structural damage and potential dry rotting. Reconstruction of the area happens only after the moisture content registers at 15 percent or lower.

It is essential to hire a professional team that specializes in water damage restoration. They will have all the proper tools, equipment and experience to perform extraction, dehumidifying, drying and moisture measuring to ensure the process is complete.

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