Most Common Causes of Pipe Bursts

Bust pipes in your home can be a nightmare. It is very difficult and complex to deal with such water damage issues. Moreover, they’re instant and unexpected. You just hear a rumble, and don’t pay much attention. You may think it’s coming from your basement, and decide to go down and see. However, it’s not a minor issue. You’re greeted with the terrifying sight of water soaking almost everything in the basement.

Causes of Pipe Bursts - Tidal Wave Response

When it comes to causes of pipe bursts, you can’t really expect to write them down in a list. Whether it’s your negligence, low quality pipes or some other problem, almost anything can cause unexpected water damage in your home by causing your pipes to burst. But there are two common causes of pipe bursts which should not be overlooked.

Water Pressure

When something in your home’s pipes gets clogged, it can put a lot of pressure on the pipes. It may be a clogged toilet, the sewer line or some other problem. When water pressure in the pipes becomes too much for them to handle, they start expanding and burst.

If you’re not carrying out routine maintenance, this can be quite unexpected and sudden. You need to take proper care of your bathroom fixtures and water pump. You can even hire professionals like Tidal Wave Response to manage such issues.


Another common reason for the pipes to burst is when the temperature goes below the freezing point. If you don’t take proper steps to winter-proof your pipes, you may come across a major problem when it starts snowing. Water in your pipes will be completely exposed to the freezing air.

When water freezes, it turns to ice and your pipes start expanding. In the meantime, some water may still be flowing in the frozen walls of your pipes. The increased water pressure and frozen ice causes your pipes to burst.

Preventing Frozen Water Pipes

Frozen pipes are one of the most common causes of pipe bursts. Therefore, you need to take some important steps to prevent this phenomenon. Here are two effective tips :

  • It is always better to insulate the water pipes which are exposed to cold. Such water pipes may be located in the crawl space, attic or along your exterior wall. Regardless of their location, you should add an extra layer of insulation. This will keep your pipes protected from freezing temperatures. You can even wrap these insulated pipes in heat tape.
  • Seal all the leaks which let cold air enter your home, especially the ones which are near water pipes. The most common culprits include spots around cable, telephone or electrical wiring entering the home through exterior walls. You should also check dryer pipes and vents.


Preventing Further Damage

The most effective and easiest solution is to call Tidal Wave Response. Professionals always have vast knowledge and experience to resolve issues related to water damage and pipe bursts. However, before calling the experts, you need to focus on some important things. This will make sure your pipes are not damaged any further. Some of these include :

Turning Off the Water Source – You need to immediately turn off the water source. It is even more important when the frozen or burst water pipes are located near your water mains. Most often, they’re located under the sink in your kitchen. If you keep the water source turned on, it can cause damage to your appliances like washing machine or dishwasher. Turning off the water source will ensure that there’s no escape of water from any points in your home.

Mop Up Excess Water – It is also important to mop up excess water in your home. This will make sure professionals are able to resolve the problem quicker. It will also make the repair process easier to handle. You should open all the windows to dry your home. You can also use a dehumidifier or fan to speed up the drying process.

Take Action

Calling Tidal Wave Response is a good way to make sure water does not escape the confines of a single room or damages other areas in your home. The company only employs qualified and skilled professionals to fix burst pipes. You can easily get in touch with a customer care representative from the company. The staff members of the company will ensure quick turnaround time and efficient solutions to your problem. State of art technology, wide base of satisfied customers and 24 hour emergency service are the major highlights of the company.

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