Can You Winterize Your Sprinklers?

Did you know that you can winterize your sprinklers? Winterization is a vital step in the maintenance of a properly running lawn sprinkler system. If you live in an area where the ground freezes during wintertime, you need to consider winterizing your sprinkler system in order to keep remaining water from freezing and causing damage to the pipes and sprinkler heads. Underground sprinkler systems are costly to install, and repairs or replacement can be just as costly.

Can You Winterize Your Sprinklers?

can you winterize your sprinklersWe’ve provided a helpful how-to guide to winterization, we will take a look at the steps involved in with winterizing ina cold or frozen climate. As part of that, we will be examining the methods for removing the remaining water in the sprinkler and pipes using drain valves. Another popular method is the Blow-out method, however, this is highly recommended that you leave this method to the professionals, as it is highly complicated and requires expensive equipment to perform.  

Drain Valve Method

It is essential to have properly placed rain valves. Every low point in your piping system will need a drain valve. Additionally, every high point that doesn’t have a sprinkler will also need a drain valve so that air can escape, otherwise, the water will not drain. It’s a good practice to keep track of the location of each valve on an easy to read chart. Keep the valves in an easy to find box so you’ll be able to find them quickly when needed.

Typically, when a lawn sprinkler system is installed, the remote controllers were placed just above the lowest circuit point. This allows you to install the drain valves at the same space as the controllers and making the winterization process much simpler.

Automatic drain valves can be used to help streamline the winterization process. These work to drain the excess water when the pressure gets below 10 pounds per square inch. You’ll quickly discover automatic drain valves save a lot of time and frustration when it comes time to winterize your irrigation system.

can you winterize your sprinklersSince water doesn’t drain completely from the valves, they will need to be removed. While it is possible to manually dry the valves after taking them apart, it is not recommended practice for the novice or weekend DIY’er. Cap the ends of the valves in order to keep pests and garbage out after removal.

Side inlet valves do not drain completely, nor do sprinkler heads with built-in check valves. If you aren’t sure which type you have, remove the sprinkler’s cap and check if there is water in the body of the sprinkler. Otherwise, try using a wet/dry shop vac to remove the excess moisture.

Water Damage Restoration With Tidal Wave Response Atlanta

Winterizing your irrigation system is not an impossible task. You can save a lot of money when you do it yourself, and you will become more skilled at this process with each season passed. If you spring a leak or strike a pipe attempting to install or fix your system, it’s best to remember that Tidal Wave Response is Atlanta’s experts when it comes to Water and Sewer damage, leaky pipes, foundation cracks, even fire and smoke damage. Our 24-hour emergency service line (770-693-4568) is a call away, and ready to save the day in the face of any of these issues. Make Tidal Wave Response the first call you make. We will work with your insurance company to get your loss covered.

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