The Benefits of Using Drywall Repair Atlanta

Drywall is a wallboard known as gypsum that you will find in your interior ceilings and walls. Over time drywalls are known to develop cracks, dents and holes from general wear and tear. To attain a professional result use the services of a trusted name such as drywall repair Atlanta. Highly trained technicians will use a variety of methods on repairing your drywalls.
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These methods with repairing aspects such as small dents, nail pops, moisture damage or larger types of holes these will include the following:

1.Soggy Ceilings

When your ceiling has become damaged from excess moisture caused by heavy rainfall the affected area will first undergo a sanding process. This will smoothen out the area and will be followed by a coat of a primer which is stain resistant. The primer will prevent further damage from moisture, drywall compound is applied in order to cover up the location of repair.

2.Nail Pops

The nails used in drywalls serve a purpose in fixing the ceiling joists and wall studs together. When your nails pop out it could be due to a number of reasons such as lumber shrinkage. The nails will first need to be pulled out. Two screws will then be placed into the central point and a joint compound is used on the repair spot. Approximately three layers are used in order to secure the screws into place.

3.Small Holes

This is one of the easiest drywall problems to fix. Small holes can occur from normal wear in the home. The most common method applied for this repair is a repair plate that will stick onto the wall that comes with an adhesive backing. The adhesive will be peeled back and stuck over the point of the hole. The drywall will then require a coat of paint in order for the repair plate to blend into the wall.

4.Joint Tape that has Loosened

The use of paper tape is highly common in drywalls and often comes undone with a peeling appearance. The first step would be to cut the loose tape at the point where it has loosened. Joint compound will then be used in the location were the tape was removed, after the joint compound is applied new tape can be applied without overlapping the existing tape. To ensure the joint tape blends in well the area will need to be sanded, primed and painted.

5.Large Holes

The presence of large holes will mean the area around the hole will need to be cut out in the shape of a square. A new piece of drywall cut in the same shape will then be fitted with screws designed for drywalls. The following step will include a layer of joint compound followed by drywall tape.

Sanding will then be applied to the area followed by more compounds and then a coat of paint or two to disguise the patch were the hole was once present.

Drywall repair Atlanta will offer you with quality workmanship by using only the highest trained technicians in the field of drywall repairs. Only materials of the highest standards are used for drywall repair Atlanta. Your drywalls will probably require more maintenance than you think. It is therefore important to take care of your ceilings and walls on a more regular basis.

Drywall repair Atlanta is backed by years of experience and you the customer will be treated with a friendly and professional manner. Never leave drywall problems unattended as you may run the risk of more permanent damage that will mean your walls or ceilings will need to be replaced.

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