Benefits of Hiring a Georgia Water Damage Restoration Specialist

When dealing with water damage in the home caused by a backed up sewer, flooding, or broken water pipe, time is always of the essence. If the homeowner does not begin the process of cleaning up quickly, secondary damage can occur, along with the growth of harmful contaminants including mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria. Hiring an experienced

Georgia water damage restoration specialist is crucial to the process. This is because a professional water restoration expert is well-trained in the process of restoring the home to its previous condition. The company will develop an effective plan designed to manage the entire cleanup process, and dry out all building materials, flooring, furniture, fixtures and belongings.

It is imperative to hire a Georgia water damage restoration specialist within the first 24 hours. Any longer than this, and the growth of mildew, mold, fungus, bacteria and other harmful contaminants start to grow. If there is a presence of mold, it will need to be eradicated from the interior of the house before the restoration process can be completed. Left untreated, there can be significant health hazards to every member of the family including respiratory problems, such as asthma and allergies.

The Process of Restoration

An effective restoration plan will include a variety of processes to ensure that the home is return to its previous condition. The process includes:

  • Thinking safety first, flooding in the home can cause a serious safety issues. This is because nails, broken glass, and other sharp items can be lurking just underneath the surface of the water. In addition, water penetrating into live electric lines can cause electrocution problems. An experienced professional will consider safety first and use the best equipment to ensure no one is injured during restoration.
  • Avoiding further damage in any area that is left untreated has the potential of creating further damage once the restoration process is complete. An experienced Georgia water damage restoration specialist uses the best equipment to check for any standing water or high levels of moisture behind the walls and under flooring.
  • Mold Remediation, in the event that mold appears, trained technicians will use refined techniques that are proven effective in mold remediation to ensure the problem is handled effectively and thoroughly.
  • Total Cleanup and using hydrometers and other moisture detecting equipment, a skilled Georgia water damage restoration professional can determine what furnishings, building materials, flooring, drapes, paper goods, food and other items in the home can be restored. They use proper tools to ensure that the area is totally cleaned up before the family can have access into the damaged area.
  • Sanitizing and Drying, deodorizing and thoroughly drying of the area is essential to ensure proper restoration. They will use the best deodorizers, minimal chemicals for sanitizing, and industrial-size air fans to ensure that the area is properly dried before finishing repairs.
  • Moving back in is more than likely, the family had to move out to allow the Georgia water damage restoration company to do their job. A skilled professional team can perform the complete restoration process within a few days or weeks to allow the family to move back in as quickly as possible.

Expert restoration companies deal with insurance adjusters every day. They can eliminate the burden on the homeowner by providing the adjuster with all the necessary documentation. They can negotiate directly with the insurance company to obtain enough funds to restore the home back to its pre-flood state.

Professional restoration is essential anytime the home is damaged by water from heavy rains, floods, broken water pipe, backed up sewer lines, and overflowing tubs and sinks.

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