The Benefits of Hiring a Flooring Repair Atlanta Specialist

Carpeting, hardwood floors, vinyl and tile can easily become damaged in the event of flooding or backed up sewage. As a way to avoid substantial damage to flooring materials, professional steps need to be taken by a certified flooring repair Atlanta specialist. The skills of a restoration company can minimize any amount of floor damage before it becomes extensive.

When flooring materials are exposed to high levels of moisture, water or humidity, the moistness can easily begin buckling and expansion. At the moment water causes damage, it is essential to take action immediately. This is because any prolonged exposure to the elements can develop the ideal environment for breeding mildew and mold.

Preventing Damage

Even minimal spilling of liquids on a hardwood floor can cause significant damage, which requires immediate cleaning with absorbent towels. Larger spills and floodwaters require professional equipment performed by a flooring repair Atlanta specialist. In addition, the combination of fans and dehumidifiers to ventilate indoor moisture to the outdoors is essential.

While a dehumidifier can effectively remove huge volumes of airborne moisture, professional-grade fans are necessary to expedite its evaporation. Through proper ventilation, high levels of humidity in the home can be minimized. A professional team will avoid the use of heaters as a way to dry out the area because they can easily cause permanent damage to damp wood.

Floor Repair and Restoration

Many times, if the floor repair Atlanta specialist arrives too late, the hardwood floor might already be warping or cupping. However, the specialist can stabilize the humidity on both the top and bottom of the wood to stop further damage. Sanding and other tools smooth out the flooring materials and completely restore it to a new finish. In the event that buckling has occurred, the professional flooring technician will need to re-attach the material once the humidity levels have been contained.

Floor Repair Atlanta - Tidal Wave Response

Mold and Mildew

In the event that mold and mildew has already begun to form because of the high levels of humidity, moisture or standing water, it is essential to perform professional mold remediation. This would include using industry-accepted professional-grade mold and mildew killing chemicals along with proven methods for stopping the growth of future contaminant colonies. The use of a professional flooring repair Atlanta mold remediation specialists is essential, even if the contaminant growth is not extensive.

Minimizing Secondary Water Damage

Sometimes, hardwood flooring materials are affected by secondary water damage even when not directly involved in the incident. High levels of moisture in the air from the damaged area can wreak havoc on hardwood floors throughout the structure causing considerable problems. The skills of an experienced floor repair Atlanta specialist called within hours of the flood damage can minimize secondary water damage throughout the entire residential home or commercial property.

The Process

Floors can easily become damaged by water if not handled properly and quickly by an experienced team of specialists. The process of restoration includes complete water extraction including high levels of humidity and moisture captured in flooring materials, building materials and furniture. Once all the moisture and humidity has been extracted, the technicians can sanitize and deodorize the area using specialized chemicals, before starting the drying process using professional-great air blowers, dehumidifiers and other equipment.

A complete floor restoration requires that all the moisture in the substrate or sub-floor has been eliminated or evaporated. This usually takes a significant amount of time to completely dry out the area before any new flooring material can be installed.

An expert specialist has the ability to evaluate and assess the water damage and provide a variety of solutions to restore the area to its previous condition.

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