If Your Basement Is Flooded Atlanta Restoration Specialists Can Help

Georgia homeowners are often faced with water damage caused by a variety of factors including backed up sewers, broken water pipes, overflowing bathtubs, leaky roofs and flooding from outdoors. If you have experienced water damage and your basement is flooded Atlanta restoration specialists can help. This is because these professionals are IICRC certified and have received proper training to ensure that the home is restored to its previous condition.

After a flooding, the water damage can cause serious harm to the structure of the house. In addition, it can cause hazardous conditions where every member of the family might be affected with respiratory problems as a result of growing mold and mildew. Atlanta restoration companies offer emergency services, and will come to the home quickly to begin the process of extracting the water and drying out the area.

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If the basement is flooded Atlanta restoration companies will begin developing a plan of action to ensure the home is restored properly. This includes finding the source of the leaking water, or the area that has allowed flood waters to penetrate into the basement. Once those repairs are made, the water extraction process can begin.

Industrial Water Remediation Equipment

Experienced restoration specialists use industrial-grade technology and equipment to extract the water from the home. The skilled team will also use hydrometers and other necessary moisture detection devices to look for any signs of standing water behind walls and under flooring. A professional may also use infrared cameras to quickly identify the location of water when other methods fail. In addition, the professional can evaluate the high level of moisture in drywall, furniture, draperies, carpeting, ceilings, and walls.

If any high levels of moisture or pockets of standing water are located in areas that cannot be visually verified, the technicians will remove drywall and other components to gain access. This is to ensure that all moisture and standing water is removed before the process of sanitizing and deodorizing can begin.

Extracting Water

The process of extracting water from the area often includes gas-powered and submersible pumps to ensure continuous pumping until the water subsides. In addition, some companies will have portable extraction units and pumps that are trunk mounted for efficiency, especially if no electricity in the home is available.

Preventing Mold and Mildew

The efforts of the team ensure the prevention of mold and mildew growth in the home. This is an essential step, because any untreated area could easily allow future growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and fungus, long after the restoration process is complete.

Drying Equipment

Thoroughly drying the area is crucial before any reconstruction begins. The technician will use a variety of moisture measuring devices to ensure the walls, furniture and floors measure less than 16 percent moisture. This will prevent any future warping or swelling of the items.

In addition, the technicians will use professional-grade dehumidifiers to avoid the potential of secondary damage caused by standing water or high levels of moisture. They will also use industrial-grade air movers to create a substantial amount of airflow across carpeting, carpet pads, walls, furniture and other items to ensure that all moisture is evaporated.

Professional Restoration

Anytime your basement is flooded Atlanta restoration specialists can offer professional services to ensure that your home is restored properly. They can provide all the necessary documentation to the insurance company to provide proof of the work that was performed on the house, along with the extent of the damage. In fact, they can work directly with the insurance adjuster, and save you the hassle of talking to your insurance company.

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