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Water and sewer damage is quite the serious problem, especially if left alone or not completely exposed and then restored. If you live in the Atlanta metro area or suburbs, you can count on Tidal Wave to completely restore water and moisture damage related to any of the following problems and more:

  • Sewer backups
  • Roof leaks
  • Leaky pipes
  • Sink & toilet overflows
  • Clogged toilets
  • Foundation cracks

When you have a water damage or sewer backup emergency, you need a reliable company that is going to respond immediately and at any time of the day. The licensed, bonded, insured, trained and certified professionals that work at Tidal Wave respond within 30 minutes to any household and not only that but 24/7. They immediately begin a six step water and sewage damage restoration process that takes an average of 7-10 days.

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Tidal Wave Response is a floor drying Atlanta company that knows how difficult it can be to deal with the insurance companies. We handle all insurance companies throughout the entire process and want you to call them prior to contacting your insurance provider. It is common practice for insurance companies to follow strict rules in which they abide by those first, putting the customer and any payout second. Tidal Wave wants to help you cover all losses, and they have the proper knowledge to be able to communicate properly regarding the insurance company’s involvement in the matter.

The trusted professionals at Tidal Wave are going to ensure all information regarding your restoration and repair is conveyed knowledgeably and accurately to the insurance adjuster. There is much red tape to the claims process, and you’re going to need the extra help.

The following is the six step process that Tidal Wave uses to make sure the restoration is complete:

1. 30 minute response

As soon as the damage occurs or is thought possible, you know to call Tidal Wave right away. As mentioned previously, they respond immediately no matter the time of day. All Atlanta suburbs are covered and do not fall outside the 30 minute response time.

2. Free assessment

Not only is the assessment free, but there is no obligation. The company is confident, however, that after you experience their handling of the matter and know what is expected, you will not look anywhere else for water and sewage cleanup and restoration services. The experts will use infrared cameras and moisture readers to ensure that all affected areas are discovered.

You see, some of the damage might be evident, but there can be mold behind the walls, trapped moisture in any number of different areas and more. This being said, it’s very important that you understand that is why the experts need to be present during the discovery process.

3. Insurance claim approval

As said previously, you need to contact Tidal Wave prior to speaking with the insurance company. After they have done the initial free assessment, the next step is working to get your claim approved so that you pay nothing out of pocket. You need full approval based upon the initial assessment of damages and cost.

4. Cleanup and removal

The next step is for the crew to remove all water and any sewage or excess debris. All elements in the home are then dried thoroughly, and mold remediation is then performed to make sure that mold growth does not occur. Affected areas can include floors, upholstery, walls, ceilings, air ducts, furniture and much more.

5. Walking through home with adjuster

After all elements of your home have been cleaned and dried, it’s time for the adjuster to show up. This usually happens on about the 3rd or 5th day since the 30 minute response time, depending on the severity of the damage. This water damage walk through is post cleaning so as to assess total damages and final costs. It is also determine a concrete plan for restoration and reconstruction that both parties can agree upon.

6. Restoration and reconstruction

After the meeting, the floor drying Atlanta crew immediately begins restoration and reconstruction based on the plan. Again, depending on the extent of the damages, the average time for this step to be completed is anywhere from two to six days. And, you’re not going to have to worry because everything is restored back to its original state by either replacing structures and elements or rebuilding them.

The floor drying Atlanta specialists at Tidal Wave Response have over 10 years experience and have performed more than 6,000 restorations. Providing you with a five year guarantee and handling the entire process from beginning to end gives you peace of mind. Water and sewer damage of any kind can feel devastating, but after reading about what the experts at Tidal Wave will do for you, there is no reason for you have to worry at all.

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