Things to Do about Water Damage before the Tech Arrives

Water damage is stressful and overwhelming no matter what causes it. To prevent further problems and to keep the water remediation process as simple as possible, there are a few things that should be done before the professional arrives. Below you will find 5 important things to do in order to prevent the situation from becoming worse.

House Flood

Stay Away

Refrain from entering any room with water damage before assessing the electrical side of things. Turn off all the electricity in case an outlet with an electrical item is an asset in the water damage. It is dangerous and could potentially be fatal.

Remove Wet Area Rugs and Lift Dragging Drapes

Removing rugs can keep the water from soaking into the carpet and more importantly can prevent creating the perfect environment for mold growth. The perfect home for mold is a moist, dark area.  Any area rug, especially on carpet is the perfect place for this. Another perfect home for mold growth is draperies. The area in which the carpet and drapes meet is a perfect spot, particularly for the heavier, thicker fabrics.

Remove Any Small Furnishings and Other Valuables

Small furnishings like end tables, chairs, or toys are another great way to prevent any future mold issues. While lifting the heavier furniture such as couches and entertainment centers may not be realistic, removing the items that are easy to move will keep the problems from becoming worse in the future and will lower the financial burden in the long run.

Do Not Use Electrical Appliances or Outlets While on Wet Flooring

Whether the outlet or specific appliance you want to use is wet or not, if you are standing on a wet surface, this is something else that could be potentially fatal. Electricity and water do not mix and will result in severe consequences. Electrical safety is a crucial part of keeping everyone safe during water damage.

Do Not Remove Books from Shelves

While books may seem like an item that should be removed from water immediately, removing books can only create more damage to them. Do not try to remove and dry them individually. While you may think you are helping to prevent further damage, you are in fact doing quite the opposite! Instead of removing them from their shelf, packing them in really tightly and securely will instead prevent any warping and will be more likely to keep the pages from becoming crispy and damaged.

underwater flooding interior

Dealing with the issue of flooding and other water damage is never fun. After calling a service technician to help assess and resolve the problem, be sure to follow these 5 simple tips to help make the process smoother for everyone by the time the technician arrives. Water damage is not a situation that anyone wants to find themselves in, but if you do, these tips will help to keep things running as smoothly and safely as possible.

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