Steps to Take after Finding Mold in Your Home

Mold on ceiling in RoswellWhether you suspect mold in your home due to illness or if you found it accidentally during a home inspection or remodel, there are some very specific steps you should take to handle the mold remediation in Roswell.

Understanding Mold

Mold is a fungus that does not need light to grow. For mold to thrive, it needs warmth, moisture, and something to feed on. Unfortunately, mold spores can feed on any organic material, including dust, drywall, clothing, and more, so it is impossible to eliminate all sources of food for mold. Likewise, mold spores are always present and yet only cause a problem when they begin to grow out of hand. This generally happens in the presence of excess moisture.

Common Places to Find Mold

It is not uncommon to find mold growing in the bathroom if you do not have the room properly vented. Warm showers tend to provide the perfect atmosphere for mold to begin to propagate. Another common place to find mold is in the walls during a remodeling project. This is usually the result of a water leak that may have gone unnoticed or one that was not properly repaired. When the walls are removed for the remodeling project, the mold is discovered. Also, mold can become a problem when a flood occurs, as it can often be difficult to get all of the moisture cleaned up quickly.Mold in house in Roswell

First Steps to Take

Once mold has been discovered, you need to make a quick assessment as to whether it is something you can handle or if you need to call professionals for mold cleanup. The only mold you should attempt to clean up are small areas. If there is a lot of mold—for example found inside a wall during a remodel—you need to leave it alone and call the professionals. Disturbing large amounts of mold without proper training and equipment can spread the mold spores and cause a bigger problem than you began with.

The professionals know how to remove all the affected wood and drywall and can clean the mold up without it spreading to the rest of your home. While mold removal can be costly, it is important to get it done correctly the first time in order to protect the health of yourself and your family.

If you find yourself with a flooded basement or home, call for professional help before you even see the first hint of mold. Getting everything cleaned up and dried out is essential in preventing mold from ruining more of your home from an incomplete cleanup process.

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