5 Factors That Affect Mold Remediation Cost

Mold in your home is a cause for concern because of the potential damage it can cause, the risks to the health of the home’s occupants, and the money it may cost to take care of mold removal in Sandy Springs. Knowing some of the factors that can affect how much you may have to pay for these services can help you as search for the right company to help with remediation. Here’s what you need to know.

Size of Area

One of the first considerations when figuring out how much mold remediation cost in Sandy Springs is will be the size of the area that’s been affected by the mold. The bigger a home is, the more it will usually cost. Part of mold remediation is inspecting the entire home, because mold spores are easily transferred. Unfortunately, mold is often found in areas of the home that didn’t sustain water damage and can be found in numerous hidden places as well.

Cleaning Versus Removing

The cost of mold remediation also varies depending on whether the mold can be simply cleaned or if the affected areas must be removed. The mold cleanup becomes more expensive if items like carpet, drywall, and insulation must be removed because of mold. Not only is the removal expensive because of labor costs, but replacing these items costs as well.

Source of Mold

The type of mold as well as the source of water damage that caused the mold to grow are things to consider as well. It’s generally less expensive to remediate mold due to a burst pipe than it is to take care of damage and mold that resulted from sewage backup or other water contaminated with hazardous substances. This is because technicians must take extra precautions and make sure other health risks are minimized during the cleanup procedures.


Mold in HVAC System

Mold removal becomes even more costly if it is found in the HVAC system. If mold is found there, the ducts must be cleaned and sanitized and heating and air conditioning systems must be treated as well.

Insurance Coverage

It’s possible to mitigate the costs of mold removal if you have the right coverage in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Some policies cover water damage but not mold cleanup, or cover mold remediation only under certain circumstances. If your policy does cover mold removal, it’s important to know how to submit a claim and find a professional that works with that insurance to avoid paying for the services yourself.

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