How to Remove Smoke Damage

Smoke damage removal is a burdensome yet essential part of the fire damage restoration process. When left untreated, smoke damage and soot can pose an enormous threat to you and your family. Unfortunately, a fire can leave soot all over the walls, floors, furniture, clothing and other items in your home. However, it is highly important to put time and effort into removing all traces of smoke damage from your house before you return to life as usual. Knowing how to remove smoke damage will help you to expedite the process.

How to Remove Smoke Damage

The most important step in smoke damage removal is knowing where to look for it. While smoke damage on the walls is apparent, many people overlook the fact that the fire has left residue on their clothing and other belongings as well. Here are a few tips on removing smoke damage thoroughly and efficiently.

1. Start with the Walls

In order to start removing smoke damage from your walls, you’ll want to make sure that air is circulating through the room. Smoke damage is extremely harmful to your lungs. Additionally, you’ll need to use bleach and other toxic cleaning solutions to remove the soot from your walls, so it is important that you ventilate the room.

The first thing you can do is to wipe down the loose soot with a towel and water. After removing the easy stuff, you can mix up a bleach solution and start scrubbing. You’ll find, as you scrub, that your sponge gets dirty very easily, so make sure to rinse it out as necessary to avoid making the mess worse.

If bleach isn’t doing the trick, you may want to purchase some trisodium phosphate. TSP is an extra-strong cleaning chemical used by professional fire restoration services and can help you expedite the process. Remember to wear gloves and protective eyewear through the entire smoke damage removal process.

2. Wash All of Your Fabrics 

Removing smoke damage from clothes, furniture and carpets is going to take the longest amount of time. It is important that you wash every piece of fabric in your home as soot can linger on any textile. With larger pieces of fabric such as furniture upholstery, you can use a Shop-Vac to remove large amounts of soot. Vacuum lightly so as to not push the soot further into the grain of the fabric.

When it comes to clothing, you may have your work cut out for you. The grease produced by smoke damage is extremely difficult to clean out. Start by bringing your clothing outdoors and shaking them out. After that, you can use a strong detergent to wash the clothes. Do small loads of laundry to give each piece of clothing room to breathe. In many cases, you may have to throw clothing out. If an article of clothing has grease stains that won’t go away or continue to smell like smoke after washing, it is strongly recommended that you get rid of them.

3. Call a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fire restoration services experts know how to remove smoke damage. If you find that you are unable to remove the smell of smoke from your home, give Tidal Wave Response a call. We can get your home back to a livable state and advise you on the necessary steps to take.

Additionally, certain laundry services are trained in how to remove smoke damage from clothing and other fabrics. Living with smoke-damaged textiles is extremely dangerous, so make sure to call a trained professional if you need help.

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