What Services to Expect from Sewage Cleanup Atlanta Company?

Sewage backup is a big problem for any homeowner in Atlanta. Tidal Wave Response has been providing professional sewage cleanup Atlanta services. Its engineers and workers use special equipments to remove contaminants properly and safely. The collected sewage in Atlanta must be moved to sewage treatment plant according to well-established standards and local laws. Removing sewage completely from the site is a better option because the area becomes usable again for many years to come. If the removal of sewage is not needed then it can be contained and isolated on site. Trained and experienced professionals of tidal wave complete the work according to strict regulations that govern safe removal of hazardous materials in Atlanta area. Other services are also available from the company.

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Sewage Removal and Cleanup

Whether it is a residential home, commercial property or an apartment in high-rise building, the problem of sewage backup can take place anywhere. Generally it is an emergency situation and a quick cleanup service is needed. Tidal Wave sewage cleanup team arrives on site within 30 minutes of an emergency call. The restoration team works quickly to thoroughly clean the area. All affected parts at the site are decontaminated and sanitized. Exposure to raw sewage poses serious health risks to humans. Contaminated area must be cleaned as soon as possible.

Clogged Toilets

Clogged and overflowing toilet is a big problem at any place. The clogged toilet must be cleaned and sanitized as soon as possible. A toilet is used every now and then by home residents so it is important to call sewage cleanup Atlanta company as soon there is a clogged toilet problem. Tidal Wave has experts in plumbing and drainage. They can handle all types of clogged and overflowing toilet problems.

Sink and Drain Cleaning

Overflowing sink and drain is not uncommon in Atlanta homes. Food particles, soap, waste water and other types of waste get lodged inside drain pipes. It leads to jammed drainage that must be cleaned immediately to make bathroom and kitchen usable again. Drain pipes are damaged because of debris buildup, cracks and corrosion. Any blockage in the drainage system can lead to overflowing sink, tub, drainage and toilet. Tidal Wave has all the tools and equipments to clean clogged sinks and drains quickly.

Leaking Pipe

Water leaking from a pipe poses serious problems because it can cause damage to the property itself. Most homeowners are complacent about leakage because it seems a minor issue. However, water leaking through a damaged pipe starts damaging walls and floors. Even slow trickle of water leads to high level of water loss. The spot where a pipe is leaking becomes a breeding ground for harmful germs and microorganisms that pose serious health risks to home residents. Wooden materials are easily damaged by the presence of moisture. Tidal Wave with its experience in sewage cleanup Atlanta services can handle all types of leaking pipe problems.

Leaking Roof

Overhead roof is the first line of protection from harsh natural elements. A leaking roof can cause extensive damage to walls, plaster, paint and sidings over time. If a leakage goes unnoticed then it can damage belongings that come into contact with leaking water. Materials used in building a house may seem very strong but most such items including concrete, wood, paint and plaster lose their strong properties after coming into contact with water. Leaking roof must be repaired as soon as possible to avoid any damage to house parts and belongings of the residents.

Foundation Cracks

Damage to foundation leads to structural problems and poses safety risks to the home residents. The whole house becomes unstable if cracks develop in the foundation. This type of damage can be repaired only by a company that has well-qualified and experienced workers and engineers. The task involves identifying cause of the foundation failure and then using appropriate remedial measure to correct the problem. Home is the biggest investment for any family and it is important to repair even minor crack quickly because it can develop into a big problem if the damaged part is not repaired in time.

All these tasks require careful handling from experts who have experience and expertise in this field. Many of these issues are interrelated and so hiring a company that provides this line of services is the right thing to do. Tidal Wave Response specializes in sewage cleanup Atlanta services. It can also handle all the above mentioned problems. Homeowners should call now to receive right estimate and quick service.

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