Preventing Electric Blanket Fires

When the cold winter air beings to mount its offensive onslaught, one of the best defensive maneuvers you can possibly mount is to plug in that trusty, old electric blanket. They are practically unrivaled when it comes to warmth, comfort, and efficiency. Typically much more affordable than warming your entire room or home, the electric blanket has been keeping people warm and toasty for over a century. Preventing electric blanket fires is easy and can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle.

How Electric Blankets Work

preventing electric blanket firesOriginally created in the early 1900’s, the heated bed covering bear little resemblance to the electric blanket we all know today. These were large, bulky devices that were often dangerous to use, and were largely considered oddities by society. In fact, the earlier models were predominantly used in tuberculosis sanitariums in order to keep the patients warm.

The first automatic, electric blanket was invented back in 1936. Featuring a separate thermostat control, these blankets automatically turned off and on depending on the temperature in the room. The thermostat also served as a safety device and would turn itself off if hot spots in the blanket occurred. This basic model remained in prominence until 1984 when thermostat-free electric blankets were introduced to the market.

It is generally considered fact that most models released before 2001 aren’t nearly as safe as the more recently designed electric blankets, featuring elements that could potentially lead to fire hazards. It’s usually considered unsafe to have an electric blanket in use for longer than the lifespan projected within your owner’s manual, typically less than ten years.

Preventing Electric Blanket Fires

preventing electric blanket firesThe absolute best way to avoid potential fire hazards with electric blankets to perform regular safety checks and inspections of your device. You can’t place too large an emphasis on your family’s safety, and proper precautions can make all the difference. Be sure to note if your unit is showing dark or charred spots, as well as a plug or cord that is cracked, frayed or showing clear signs of damage. These are clear fire hazards and safety issues and must be immediately discarded.

Be sure to never use an electric blanket on a hospital bed, recliner or sofa, or adjustable bed as the heated wires may become pinches, causing overheating. Always make sure to spread your electric blanket out so it lays flat,  never bunch up, fold or roll it up. Never have the control cords running between the mattress and box spring, as the friction could damage the cord or electricity within the cord can become trapped, thus becoming a fire hazard.

Fire Damage Restoration with Tidal Wave Response

Al electric blanket should bring with it feelings of comfort, warmth, and security. With the proper care, precaution and regularly performed safety checks, it will be. Now that you know how to avoid these potential safety issues and fire hazards, the only thing you’ll need to remember is who to call if you ever do encounter a fire caused by your electric blanket. Tidal Wave Response is your guaranteed go-to and security blanket in case of emergency, covering all of the bases from Fire and Smoke damage, Water and Sewer issues, leaky pipes, foundation cracks, as well as cleanup and restoration. Our 24-hour emergency service line (770-693-4568) is fully staffed and ready to support you in your time of need. Why call Tidal Wave Response before you call your insurance company? Because we work with your insurance company to get your loss covered. Tidal Wave Response; THE most trusted resource in the Atlanta area in case of emergency!

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