How to Choose a Space Heater

Space heater sales begin to pick once the temperatures outside begin to drop. If you’re searching for a way to reduce that energy bill while eating a specific area of your home, there is no better choice than a space heater. Knowing how to choose a space heater will save you time and energy. Here are a few things to consider when on the lookout for the ideal choice for your home and needs.

How to Choose a Space Heater

Choosing the right space heater one will be determined by your individual circumstances. Surveying the landscape shows us that there are several options on the market. Smaller units are a great option if you’re only looking to warm one or two instead of a roomful of people. Many of these units will have those near it feeling warm and toasty in less than twenty minutes.  Larger space heaters are a better option for heating an entire room, and can usually have the room warm in about 15 minutes.

  • how to choose a space heaterCeramic space heaters are radiant heaters that cost significantly less than oil or gas systems. Many of these units feature fans to circulate the heat into and throughout the room.
  • Oil-filled space heaters are typically lightweight, and feature wheels for easy transportation from room to room. These are filled with oil that’s heated by electricity which is far more efficient than water when supplying radiant heat to specific areas.
  • Infrared space heaters use glowing quartz or another type of metallic element in addition to reflectors to areas close to the heater instead of the entire room. Some of these units have the capacity to heat a larger room depending on it’s BTU.
  • Oscillating heaters use reflected radiant heat instead of a fan to warm those in front of them. The oscillation provides heat to a broader area without blowing dust around.
  • Baseboard heaters are typically permanently installed units but portable models are now available and have become a popular choice. Heating is provided by electricity as well as convection currents that circulate warm air into and throughout the room. These are typically used in spaces that do not require heating at all times.

how to choose a space heaterSafety is another thing that should be taken into consideration when looking for the right space heater for you. Obviously, space heaters are designed to be hot. That said, you should never be burned while operating one, nor should a fire hazard ever be in question. Look for units with sensors that turn the heater off to prevent overheating. Never use an extension cord with electric heaters and make sure to inspect cords for damage on a regular basis. Parents in particular would be wise to consider how hot these units can get and whether materials are protected from curious children.

A few, final details to take into consideration before making your purchase should include the following:

  • How much noise am I comfortable with?

Some find the ambient noise of a space heater to be a calming, soothing presence. Others can’t stand it. Find one that works within your comfort zone.

  • Importance of visual appearance.

If you’re looking to heat a public space in your home and you do a lot of entertaining, it might be in your best interest to spend a but of extra money on a model featuring sleek design. If you know you are the only person who’ll see it and a have a handy stash spot for when guests are en route, it might be a good idea to save that extra cash.

  • Budget

If this is a temporary solution and you’re unsure how long you’ll even need this space heater, look for budget options that are still highly rated. If you know this space heater will be used to keep you warm for years to come, you would be best to take that into consideration and invest in a high-quality model.

Taking all of this into consideration might have you feeling overwhelmed, but it’s good to remember that selecting the right space heater doesn’t need to leave you feeling overwhelmed. It’s all about customizing the selection to your specific needs.

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