Holiday Fire Safety

Did you know that the holiday season is one of the most dangerous times of the year when it comes to fire-related accidents?  Because we get so wrapped up in the festivities, we often fail to take account of the numerous fire hazards we surround ourselves with.  Between Christmas lights, cooking equipment, and fireplaces, more damage is caused by fires during the holidays than any other time of year.  For that reason, it is crucial to understand holiday fire safety and to do what you can to protect your loved ones during this festive season.

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

Below, we’ve outlined a few points on holiday fire safety.  We hope that these might help you to enjoy the holidays in the safest possible fashion.

1. Minimize the flammability of your Christmas tree

holiday fire safetyWe all love to look at a Christmas tree.  However, it is easy to forget that pine is one of the driest and, therefore, most flammable trees in the world.  It takes only half-a-minute for a Christmas tree to catch fire and potentially set ablaze your home.

For that reason, it is important that you water your tree every day.  Keeping your tree watered will ensure that is full of moisture and thus less likely to catch fire.  Additionally, you want to make sure that your tree is a good distance away from fireplaces as this poses an obvious risk of fire.

2. Update your lights

holiday fire safetyPeople tend to keep their Christmas lights around for decades, repairing individual bulbs as necessary.  However, there are more components to Christmas lights than just the bulbs that need to be cared for.

The cord and socket of your Christmas decorations should be checked before you install them.  Because many folks use nails, screws and staples to install their lights on the walls or roof, it is common for Christmas light cords to have holes in them.

Of course, exposed wires can be devastatingly dangerous, particularly when they come in contact with dried out wood.  If your light string has a hole in it, we strongly recommend that you consider throwing it away.

3. Be careful when you’re cooking

The biggest cause of fires during the holiday season is cooking.  Distracted and overwhelmed, people easily forget when they have food cooking on the stove.  In order to practice good holiday fire safety, make sure that someone is always in the kitchen with food while it’s cooking.  Additionally, keep a fire extinguisher nearby and replace the batteries in your smoke alarms before the holiday season starts.

4. Maintain your fireplace

holiday fire safetyEveryone enjoys sitting near a warm fireplace during the holidays.  Unfortunately, however, fireplaces are a hotbed of holiday accidents.  When improperly maintained, fireplaces pose a number of risks to homeowners and their guests.

In order to make sure that your fireplace is safe for the holidays, have it cleaned before you begin to use it.  A chimney sweep will be able to clean out soot, which can otherwise be dangerously flammable.

You’ll also want to make sure that nothing goes into the flame except firewood.  Newspaper and other items should not be burned inside of the home.

5. Use candles responsibly

Although quite beautiful, candles can be extremely dangerous during the holidays.  With children running around and their parents not paying close attention, it is common for candles to get knocked off of tables.

If you’re lighting candles during your holiday parties, make sure that they are placed in areas where children or animals don’t have access to them.  Place candle covers over their lids and be sure not to place anything flammable near them.

Tidal Wave Response

If you do experience a holiday fire, you should contact a fire damage restoration service such as Tidal Wave Response as soon as possible.  We’ll be able to return your home to its pre-fire state in a quick and effective manner.

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