How to Fix a Leaking Plastic Water Pipe

Water pipe leaks may happen due to faulty workmanship, use of incorrect materials, or simply from normal wear and tear. Some leaks can only be repaired by experienced plumbers, but homeowners can fix many leaks on their own. Knowing how to fix leaky pipes is important to prevent further damage in terms of both money and property.

When this happens, first shut off the main water supply to stop the water flow and give you the chance to mitigate some damage. In case the plumber is unable to get to the leak quickly, or if there isn’t a lot of time to fix the problem, there are a number of options for a quick fix until a more permanent repair solution is executed.

How to Fix a Leaking Plastic Water Pipe with Temporary Plastic Pipe Repairs

To fix leaking pipes in a quick manner so that the patch will hold long enough to make arrangements for a permanent repair, try the following tips.

how to fix leaky pipesRubber Tape

Use a specialized sticky rubber tape around the leak. The water pipe leak repair tape may be wrapped and overlapped securely not just over the leak, but can even be wrapped further along the pipe to address splits in the plastic pipe.

However, this quick fix will not work for tight spots since sufficient room is needed for the tape to go around the pipe.

Fiberglass Tape

Using industrial strength fiberglass tape is a popular way to fix leaking pipes. The tape makes for a solid pipe wrap by enclosing it over the leak and extending it at least two inches on either side of the affected area. Problems like a kitchen or bathroom leaking sink faucet can be easily treated with this method.

The cure time for fiberglass tape is between 30 and 40 minutes, so it does not take long for the tape to set up.

PVC Glue

how to fix leaky pipesPVC glue can be used to fix leaking water pipe joints. This method involves using the glue to withstand the pressure needed for the joint repair. An application of glue can also be fortified with a combination of a rubber hose and clamp to hold the glue in place.

When applying this technique to fix a leaking plastic water pipe, the important consideration is the cure time for the glue and ensuring that the water pressure is not turned on before the glue has set properly.

Plumbing Putty

Plumbing putty epoxy is yet another option to treat a pipe leak temporarily. To apply, form the putty around the affected area and wait for it to cure. This can usually take up to an hour or so. While putty can be a good fix for minor leaks, it is not the most slightly option since a blob of hard putty is visible.

For fixes in hidden spots such as a leaking pipe under the sink, putty epoxy makes an effective quick repair.

Permanent Plastic Water Pipe Repairs

Despite the effectiveness of temporary water pipe leak repair products, it’s important to remember that they are just handy quick fixes. Temporary repairs should not be treated as permanent fixes for a main water supply line which has constant water pressure. Instead, when the time and tools are available, treat the leak with a permanent fix such as pipe clamps or a braided metal tube.

how to fix leaky pipesPipe Clamps

A metal pipe clamp is a tool devised specifically to fix leaking pipes. The clamp comes with a rubber gasket attachment on the inside that is engineered to fit around the leaky pipe. To use, place the clamp over the leak and tighten the screws. This will create a permanent seal over the leak, yielding a long term solution.

Braided Metal Tube

Another way to repair a leaking plastic pipe is to use a flexible, braided metal tube that comes with compression couplings on either end to secure the leak. Given its pliancy, the tube bends easily and can be used to secure a small leak as well as a longer pipe split. Start your repairs by getting a length suited to treat the leak.

Before installing the tube, drain all water from pipes. Remove the damaged section of the pipe and slide the compression couplings onto each end. Attach couplings and tighten compression fittings before turning the water back on to check for leaks.

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