Most Common Water Line Issues and Their Solutions

Certain water line issues may require the assistance of professionals to rectify the problem. However, there are a number of common water problems at home that may be handled by homeowners themselves. Here is a look at some typical plumbing problems and their solutions.

Most Common Water Line Issues and Their Solutions

common water problemsDripping faucets

Dripping faucets are one of the most common water problems faced by homeowners and are a nuisance to put up with. Not only is the dripping sound coming from the faucet annoying, but the constant drip can also result in a higher water bill.

Typically, dripping happens when there is an integral problem within the faucet. For instance, the O ring may have become loose or worn out over time, causing a drip near the handle. Or the same may happen when the valve which serves as a connection between the faucet and the spout becomes affected by the accumulation of water sediments. Over time, the valve corrodes and creates a leakage around the spout area.

In these instances, replacing the O ring or taking care to clean the valve seat regularly can help stop the leak. In cases where the problem is of a more serious nature, such as improper installation of a washer, a worn out washer, or broken plumbing, then the repair should be left to the experts.

Leaking pipes

Leaks in pipes typically happen at joints. When they go undetected, leaks can become a costly nuisance. While some leaks may not be too damaging, others easily hold the potential to flood the home. The trick is timely intervention when stopping a leak. The type of treatment will depend on the type and location of the leak.

For instance, if the leak is at the joint, then the solution will demand tightening the joint, but if the leak is in the pipe, then the process may involve removing the leaking section of the pipe and replacing it entirely with a new one.

Some quick fixes for smaller leaks can include suggestions like using a compression clamp with a rubber sheet or leak tape, or get a commercial joint filter from the hardware store. However, these will only offer a temporary solution to the problem and you may need to get in touch with a professional for a more permanent fix for pipe leaks.

common water problemsReduced water pressure

While some faucets may drip, others may only offer a trickle where they should be gushing. This is a common plumbing problem where there is reduced water pressure on the premises. The problem may not necessarily be triggered by the pipes at home but may sometimes be caused by the community water supply.

In some cases, low water pressure may be caused by a breach in the main supply line or the buildup of sediments or deposits on the faucet aerators. Where sediment deposits may be triggering the problem, it is recommended to have a system with filtration in place so that mineral deposits do not collect on the surfaces inside shower heads or aerators, and do not clog screens resulting in slow flow.

A simple but effective way to treat this issue is to remove aerators and soak them in a vinegar solution overnight to dissolve any mineral deposits. Or, where aerators cannot be removed such as on shower heads, a vinegar-filled plastic bag can be affixed to the shower head to treat it.

More complex problems such as a breach or leak in pipes will require the expertise of licensed plumbers to deal with the job.


Noisy boiler

Water line noise problems like a noisy boiler is always a cause for concern and can be caused by a number of factors including foaming, deposits, gas burner pressure, flow rate settings, or the thermostat among others. The noise, also known as ‘kettling’, should ideally be addressed by professionals who have the necessary experience to identify the cause of the problem and offer the right solution.

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