How to Avoid Basement Flooding

Any home with a basement is at the risk of basement flooding even if there has never been a flooding incident. Elemental factors such as water from heavy rainfalls, melting snow, or a spring thaw can typically cause a basement to flood. A flood can also happen when there is broken or faulty plumbing on the premises.

In any case, home owners can follow certain basement flooding solutions so that their property does not become afflicted with extensive damage.

How to Avoid Basement Flooding

Clear catch basins of debris

Storm sewer grates, known as catch basins, collect storm drain water and channel it into storm sewers. To prevent basement flooding in spring, especially after snow melts, catch basins need to be inspected thoroughly since they can get choked by debris which collects on them. With blocked catch basins, localized street flooding may also worsen, which can in turn heighten the risk of elevated groundwater levels. The possibility of surface flooding can cause the basement to flood.

The same can also happen in fall when leaves drop off of trees and block catch basins.

Seal floor and foundation wall cracks

basement flooding solutionsJust like any other architectural feature, foundations degrade with age. With this depreciation, construction flaws may follow and cause cracks or fissures to form in the foundation. These gaps may develop either on the floor or the walls of the basement, making the whole area more susceptible to flooding.

If groundwater levels around the home are high, they may submerge the crevices and cracks and pressurize these to the extent where leakage starts to happen. Therefore, it is very important to treat any such breaches regularly.

For many homeowners, cracks can be sealed from inside the basement without the necessity to dig around the foundation. However, for larger or persistent cracks, professional assistance may be needed for the purpose of foundation repair.

Eliminate overland flow paths

Among other basement flooding causes, the overland flow route also needs to be considered. Overland flow routes refer to any route that can allow surface water penetration into the basement. These can include service or maintenance holes such as those put in for natural gas provision or electrical mains. Others like gaps under doors, window wells, or old window frames can also present the possibility of letting water into the basement.

To stop basement seepage, it is important that these overland flow paths are sealed properly and, where possible, ascertained that the water can be deflected elsewhere by the use of correct site grading.

basement flooding solutionsMaintenance of eaves troughs and downspouts

Keeping eaves troughs and downspouts cleared of debris also helps ensure that proper drainage is taking place on the premises. Both components should remain free of debris, since choked downspouts and eaves troughs will cause water to fill up and spill over, making its way to the home’s foundation.

Downspouts should also be discharging runoff water away from the structure’s foundation to minimize the risk of basement flooding.

Lot grading

Lot grading is an effective basement flooding prevention solution as it helps control the motion of surface water around the residence. Controlling the flow of rainwater is instrumental in keeping the basement dry.

Ideally, lot grading needs to be done to promote water flow away from the home by sloping the surrounding ground. This can be done by making certain that grading navigates the water to a natural drainage path or swale away from the home to prevent pooling.

Flood-proofing devices

Where drainage systems are prone to overload, rainwater and sewage from flooding may still be prevented from entering the basement by installing one or more flood proofing devices such as sump pumps or back flow valves.

The choice of materials and finishing used in the basement can assist with basement flooding clean up, should water enter the basement. For instance, installing impermeable floor and wall finishes such as ceramic tile can help minimize damage and make cleanup easier.

However, should your property suffer flooding damage, you can get in touch with water damage restoration experts like Tidal Wave Response to carry out your basement flooding repair. We are a certified Atlanta water damage restoration service provider that can see to all your property’s restoration needs.

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