water pipe bursts

What to Do If a Water Pipe Bursts in Your Home

There is almost nothing worse than when a water pipe bursts in your home.  If you’ve never lived through it, you probably know somebody that it’s happened to.  They’ll tell you that it can be scary, somewhat costly and especially cold.  Brrrrr! After all, we depend on our water pipes to heat our homes through […]

preparing pipes for winter

Preparing Your Pipes for Winter

One of the worst parts about winter is that we have to worry about freezing pipes.  We depend on functioning pipes to heat our water supply and keep our homes warm during the coldest months of the year.  Unfortunately, many homeowners forget to do the preparations necessary to keep their pipes working.  It isn’t uncommon […]

clean a flooded basement

How to Clean a Flooded Basement

How to Clean a Flooded Basement It’s a shame, but many homeowners will have to deal with a flooded basement at some point.  You don’t even have to endure a storm or live in a particularly rainy area, either, to experience a flooded basement.  It is common for gutters to become clogged or corroded, which […]

how to flood-proof basement

5 Tips to Flood-Proof Your Basement

5 Tips to Flood-Proof Your Basement  Most of us don’t know what we’d do without our basements.  After all, we use our basements to do laundry and store all of the items we don’t want to keep upstairs.  For many of us, basements are the most important tool we have for keeping the rest of […]

Water Conditioning Systems for Hard Water

Types of Whole House Water Conditioning Systems for Hard Water

Many homeowners in the US live in areas with hard water. If you’re considering softening the water in your home to avoid these problems, then you’ll need to know about the types of whole house water conditioning systems for hard water. Why Install Water Conditioning Systems for Hard Water? A water conditioning system is a […]

signs of a slab leak

10 Signs of a Slab Leak

A slab leak is one of the biggest headaches any homeowner can experience. Not only are they costly and inconvenient to repair, they can be dangerous if left unresolved. By keeping your eye out for these 10 signs of a slab leak, you can catch this issue before it escalates into a major problem. What […]

5 Quick Steps to Prepare Your Gutters for Fall

Although the temperatures in Atlanta will be warm for a while yet, fall is approaching quickly. The changing foliage is always beautiful to see, but as all homeowners know, the falling leaves mean piles of leaves on the yard and clogged gutters. Here are 5 quick steps to prepare your gutters for fall. 5 Quick […]

How to Prevent Attic Mold

While mold can grow in just about every condition, it prefers summer the most out of all the seasons. If you haven’t already taken steps to prevent attic mold in your home, it’s not too late. Catching and remediating mold before it has spread to the entire home will save you a lot of time, […]

How to Clean (and Prevent) Hard Water Deposits

If you’ve lived in an area with hard water, you are most likely familiar with the ever-changing colors in your sink and tub. Not long after scrubbing your tub back to white, it has turned an unsightly shade of brown. The Metro Atlanta area is considered to have ‘moderately hard’ water, which means that accumulations […]

Should I Install a Home Fire Sprinkler System?

A home fire sprinkler system is not required in most residential builds, nor are they very common even though they can save lives and minimize fire damage to a property. It is a personal decision whether or not you install one in your own home. Here, we look at the benefits of installing a home […]