choosing a fire extinguisher

Choosing a Fire Extinguisher

The last thing any homeowner wants is a fire in the home. If it does happen, however, having a fire extinguisher on hand can help minimize the danger and damage. Choosing a fire extinguisher takes more than going to the store and grabbing one off the shelf; you’ll need to make sure you pick the […]

Cleaning the fireplace

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget the Fireplace!

Like other areas of the home, cleaning the fireplace is also an essential aspect of regular home maintenance. And while a well-maintained and clean fireplace is always a welcome addition to a home, one that is neglected can quickly become a serious hazard. However, homeowners can rest assured that spring cleaning the fireplace is not […]

Smoke damage cleaning

Cleaning up Smoke Damage after a Fire

Ideally, smoke damage cleaning should be left to the professionals since they have both the expertise as well as the equipment to deal with the crisis at hand. It is very important to contact smoke damage removal professionals as soon as possible so they can get to work before the damage becomes permanent. Once the […]

Causes of house fires

Preventing Fire Damage at Home

A house fire can often start from the misuse of appliances, heating equipment, or even smoking in bedrooms. To prevent this from happening, here is a quick look at some causes of house fires and how to prevent common fire related mishaps from occurring. Cooking Equipment With pots and pans overheating during cooking, a common […]

Now Offering Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services in Atlanta

Should your property be damaged by fire, it becomes essential to procure the services of smoke and fire damage restoration experts as promptly as possible. For residents and businesses in Atlanta, this service can now be provided by fire damage restoration experts like Tidal Wave Response. Tidal Wave Response is a fully licensed fire and […]