5 Quick Steps to Prepare Your Gutters for Fall

Although the temperatures in Atlanta will be warm for a while yet, fall is approaching quickly. The changing foliage is always beautiful to see, but as all homeowners know, the falling leaves mean piles of leaves on the yard and clogged gutters. Here are 5 quick steps to prepare your gutters for fall. 5 Quick […]

How to Fix a Running Bathtub Faucet

Drip, drip, drip… These small sounds indicate the early stages of a leaking faucet. Over time, the drips become more frequent, until at last they become a steady stream. Before you know it, your bathtub faucet is running constantly no matter how tightly you turn the handle shut. Today, we discuss how to fix a […]

Top 10 Outdoor Brush Burning Safety Tips

It’s almost the time of year for brush burning in Georgia. Currently, outdoor burning is permitted between September 1st and April 30th. So, if you’re getting ready to dispose of yard debris, keep these 10 brush burning safety tips in mind. Top 10 Outdoor Brush Burning Safety Tips Get your permit from the GA Forestry […]

How to Clean (and Prevent) Hard Water Deposits

If you’ve lived in an area with hard water, you are most likely familiar with the ever-changing colors in your sink and tub. Not long after scrubbing your tub back to white, it has turned an unsightly shade of brown. The Metro Atlanta area is considered to have ‘moderately hard’ water, which means that accumulations […]

electricity safety

May is National Electricity Safety Month

Electricity is a part of our everyday lives, from powering the coffee maker in the morning to home lights at night. It’s easy to forget that the current running through the house can cause serious damage to your health and your property. May is National Electricity Safety Month. By being aware of potential electrical hazards […]

HVAC fire hazards

HVAC Fire Hazards and Prevention

The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system, more commonly known as an HVAC system, is a wonderful piece of technology that helps you stay comfortable regardless of the weather outside. Like any electrical device, it can pose a fire hazard if not maintained properly. Most HVAC fire hazards are preventable with proper care and attention. […]

How to Restore Fire Damaged Jewelry

How to Clean Fire Damaged Jewelry

The average house burns at about 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Most fine jewelry is made of precious metals and stones with melting temperatures higher than this point. As a result, it is possible for jewelry to survive a fire even if not kept in a fireproof safe. Once the smoke has cleared, you will no doubt […]

Recovering from a house fire

Top Tips to Recover After a House Fire

A house fire can be a life changing experience for homeowners and their families. The fire can cause destruction to property and belongings in a number of ways, including flames, heat, smoke, and water. Recovering from a house fire takes time, and usually cannot be done overnight. While fire department personnel are making sure your property […]

Preventing dryer fires

How Dryer Maintenance Prevents Fires

The dryer vent is a hidden source of fire hazard in every home containing this appliance. There are many potential causes of fires in the dryer, but there are also many steps you can take towards preventing dryer fires. Common Causes of Dryer Fires Lint Buildup While most people assume that their lint traps catch […]

How to extinguish a grease fire

How to Extinguish a Grease Fire

The primary culprit for grease fires is leaving a pan unattended when cooking. The fire starts by letting the oil get too hot. Since combustibles are often in the vicinity, it becomes easy for the fire to spread. How to extinguish a grease fire will depend on the type of fire caused. How to Extinguish […]