5 Simple Tips for Safe Water Remediation

Water damage can not only be expensive to properly remediate, but it can also be very difficult to know how to do since water can easily penetrate and saturate everywhere. Fortunately, water and sewage damage in Alpharetta doesn’t have to completely turn your world upside down when you know the right steps to take in water […]

Mold Buildup in Home

How Professionals Remove Bathroom Mold

Mold and humans can be a winning combination: experts estimate that penicillin has saved more than 80 million lives since it was discovered in the 1940s. However, penicillin isn’t the type of mold growing in your bathroom. At Tidal Wave Response, our teams know the mold that is likely to grow in damp places like […]

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Not All Water Damage Is Covered by Your Insurance

It’s the hope of every homeowner that, when tragedy strikes their home, they’ll have the cushion of a great insurance plan to help them get through whatever roof leakage or floodwaters may assail them. Water damage is a real threat to your home, but some water damage cleanup isn’t covered by standard homeowners’ insurance. Let’s check out […]

Steps to Take after Finding Mold in Your Home

Whether you suspect mold in your home due to illness or if you found it accidentally during a home inspection or remodel, there are some very specific steps you should take to handle the mold remediation in Roswell.

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Protect Your Basement from Sewer Backup

Sewer problems can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in damages and cleanup costs. Whether the issue is caused by weather or flooding, old plumbing, overgrown tree roots, or grease buildup in the sewer line, the consequences could affect not only the value of the home, but also the health of its occupants.  

Tips for Water Damage Cleanup until Professionals Arrive

Whether you’re dealing with a natural disaster or a burst pipe, flooding can cause enormous amounts of damage to your home. When it comes to water cleanup in Roswell, it’s best to leave the majority of it to the professionals. However, when water has damaged your home and belongings, there are a few things that […]

How to Do an Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Water damage on property can happen from blocked drains, broken pipes, malfunctioning appliances, storms, sewage backups and flood waters. In every scenario, the nature of the damage will dictate the appropriate treatment. But whatever the cause of the water damage, the promise of restoration will depend largely on the speed with which the premises and […]

How to Repair the Water Damage to Walls and Floors after a Flood

When a property suffers flood damage, the water can impact not only the building’s structure, but also the belongings inside along with posing problems for the health of the occupants. Flood water contains many contaminants and a lot of mud which can damage a home’s systems embedded in the floor and walls like ducts, HVAC, […]

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The Importance of Timely Restoration for Water Damage

You wake up in the middle of the night, feeling like something is not quite right. You go downstairs to find yourself up to your ankles with water. Frantically, you turn on the lights to figure out what caused the water. Did a pipe burst? Is a toilet overflowing? Did the dishwasher or another appliance break? Whatever […]

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How a Water Damage Restoration Company Can Help You

Home floods can strike at any time, in any place. Whether they’re caused by a leaky pipe, a flood, or an overflowing toilet, the damage is costly, and it can be permanent if it isn’t treated quickly and correctly. Hiring a water damage restoration company is the best way to restore your home and belongings […]