Mold and Mildew Allergies

Spring is here, and that means springtime allergies. But, just like plants in your garden will enjoy the warmer weather of the new season, mold and mildew like this time of year too.  Many types of mold and mildew can trigger allergies or make symptoms worse. So, what can you do to minimize the effects of […]

black mold and air quality

Black Mold and Air Quality in Your Home

It’s easy to take clean air for granted, so for many of us, air quality is something we don’t really think about for most of the year. In the Atlanta area, pollen decreases the air quality during the spring while smog makes its impact during the summer. But did you know that black mold and […]

can a humidifier cause water damage

Can a Humidifier Cause Water Damage?

Humidifiers can be a wonderful addition to homes with forced air or central heating. They keep the air comfortable to breathe and help prevent your skin from drying out, especially during winter or in places with naturally dry climates. But as wonderful as they are, can a humidifier cause water damage? Can a Humidifier Cause […]

Keeping Pets Safe During a Fire

Keeping Pets Safe During a Fire

For many of us, our pets are a part of our family. And, much like our family, we want them to stay safe in the unexpected emergencies that can happen in life. Keeping pets safe during a fire starts with some planning. Keeping Pets Safe During a Fire Fires are especially dangerous situations for our […]

kitchen fire safety essentials

Kitchen Fire Safety Essentials

Unless we’re talking about a campfire or a fireplace, an open fire isn’t something most of us want to deal with. Fires in the home can happen unexpectedly and cause a significant amount of damage within minutes. Kitchen fires, however, can be some of the most devastating types of fire. Between grease and gas top […]

common types of indoor mold

What are the Most Common Types of Indoor Mold?

You may be surprised to learn that mold isn’t just a single unpleasant house guest. Mold is actually a family of fungi with many unique species. They grow not just in your home, but outside as well. What are the most common types of indoor mold? Let’s take a look. What are the Most Common […]

effects of mold and mildew on your health

The Effects of Mold and Mildew on your Health

Mold and mildew are both fungi that grow in and from moist areas. Both types of fungi damage the surfaces they grow on by spreading seeds or spores. Once airborne, these spores can be inhaled or come into contact with your skin causing both minor and serious symptoms in people.  The effects of mold and […]

restoring water damaged antique furniture

Restoring Water Damaged Antique Furniture

Flooding has become the most prevalent natural disaster in the United States. It’s difficult to comprehend the notion that all 50 states experienced a flood or flash flood in over the years spanning between 2011 and 2017, but it happened. In fact, if you live in an area with a high risk of flooding, your […]

can water damaged wood be saved

Can Water Damaged Wood be Saved?

Water has firmly established itself as arch-enemy when it comes to wooden objects. An organic material, wood is only able to resist the damaging effects of water for a short time. There are occasions where water damage can’t be avoided. You’re lying on the beach and soaking up the sun while on a family holiday, […]

Mold and Mildew Prevention

Mold and Mildew Prevention In Your Bathroom This Winter

Turning the heater on (and up) can be a necessity for those of us living in a colder climate during the winter months. Many might not realize flipping that although the switch will definitely warm you up, it can also help create the perfect environment for mildew and mold during wintertime. Not only are these […]